Need help with Nuclear Power Stats

  • Ok, so I'm going to try to update the Nuclear Reactor Page of the wiki.


    I worry that no Wiki pages have the correct data for base Fuel Cell output, lifetime, etc.

    Does anyone know or have that information available for placement here, or should I just empirical the whole thing?

    EXAMPLE: This page https://wiki.industrial-craft.…le=Tutorial:Nuclear_Power Says a single cell can provide 2M to 14M power. I know I can make a 320 EU/tick reactor out of 4 quad cells. 320EU/tick*20,000 ticks, / 4 Quad Cells = 1.6M total EU provided per QUAD cell, much less from a single cell.

    I also don't know how MOX ramps up per EU reactor heat over 5000.

  • Ok, Assuming they last 20,000 SECONDS and they put out 5 EU per TICK, I need to multiply my results by 20.

    But still, if someone has all of this in their head or notes, I could move faster :)

  • MC: 1.7.10, IC2 experimental, electric mox reactor. EU output is multiplier by:

    1 + k * current_reactor_heat / max_reactor_heat

    If I remember correctly, k = 5. So at 100% heat multiplier would be 6 (but reactor would explode).

    Max reactor heat can be increased by reactor platings.

  • I've added some how-to to the Nuclear Power tutorial, Nuclear Power 201. I've made room for examples and plan to put in some pictures, but I haven't gotten to either yet.