IC2 1.7.10 Thermal Foundation/Dynamics support - Maybe sourcecode

  • Hey guys! ;)

    Today I sadly noticed that the IC2 1.7.10 blocks cannot receive energy from Thermal Dynamics pipes. Is there a way of fixing this without editing IC2?

    If it isn't, is the sourcecode of the latest and last IC2 experimental 1.7.10 build anywhere published or could someone publish it?

    Ah and my last question: Does IC2 1.7.10 work with CoFH-Core or does it use it's own energy api? (If it is a special API, I would like to modify the mod so that it uses CoFH-Core to be more universal)

    Thanks in advance! :thumbup:


  • First of all: there is no way of "fixing" this, since it's not broken. IC2 machines use EU while Thermal Dynamics machines use RF.

    If you really want to make them work with each other, the mod Power Converters can do that for you.

    IC2 is not open source, so you the source code is not publicly available, however making IC2 machines use RF isn't that hard. For later versions of MC, I made a mod called TATW, which does all of that. If you want to try making something like that yourself, the same idea should also work on MC 1.7.

  • Thanks for your help! I'll try to investigate this! Maybe I'll send you(Aroma1997) a PM when failing to adapt this ;)

    But thank you so far!! :)

    EDIT: Could you send me the source of your mod so that I can understand how it operates?

  • Meh, you can just asm a delegate into net.minecraft.tileentity.TileEntity. (TATW did that in 1.10. It's not necessary in 1.12 anymore, since RF is a capability now.)

    But no, what you mean, Greg, is EnetBridge from player, that only did RF machines with EU consuctors.