[IC2-2.8.54] Extractor recipe not working

  • I'm programmatically adding an extractor recipe like so:

    Recipes.extractor.addRecipe(Recipes.inputFactory.forFluidContainer(FluidRegistry.WATER), null, false, GradientItems.SALT.getItemStack(4));

    The recipe shows up in the extractor's recipe list, but the extractor refuses to accept the bucket/cell/whatever of water.

    I've traced through the code, and it seems to be because of the following code in InvSlotProcessable:

    ItemStack tmp = StackUtil.copyWithSize(stack, 2147483647);

    In MachineRecipeHelper, if the input item is a container item, it checks to see if the input item's stack size is equal to that of the recipe. With the input item's stack size being adjusted to 2147483647, this is, of course, always false.

    Am I doing something wrong here, or is this a bug in IC2?