free industrialcraft 2 hosting

  • So I own a dedicated IC2 server with 24/7 uptime in the US, but I dont have time to admin/manage the server. I am offering basically free IC2 server hosting to anyone/anyones willing to take on the responsibility of a whitelist server.

    Basically, if you're already playing with friends, already deal with preventing griefing etc. and would like a dedicated server, this is for you. An html signup page to accompany the server is also available.

    temporary address for interest:

  • I would love to try out multiplayer IC2 for my first time, although hosting a server would be a bit much for me. Maybe I should stick to other's servers..

  • hi i would love to have the chance to manage this server for you i have lots of experience i use to own my own server for 3 years and have good knowledge of how to Handel players and get the job done i hope to here from you you can contact me @

  • He's already got several people on, and btw Dave, I've been super busy, I'll be on Tuesday. Going bird hunting!

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