Solar distler

  • I have an interesting idea.:

    - Remove the Solar Distler
    - Add Water Distler
    - Like Solar Distler but the machine not uses solar instead use HU (heat)
    - Add Solar Heat Generator
    - Generates 1 HU from solar for use water distler

    - Add a config option for disable chunk loader
    - Make industirial workbench connectable all other mod machines and chests instead only ic2 machines

  • You can already bulk produce distilled water from pumping steam directly into a condenser, which given you can produce 400mb/t steam a tick from a single boiler easily should mean you could produce more distilled water than you'd know what to do with quite easily. Seems unlikely people would want to use a solar heat generator to power the water distiller if they could use EU or lava for example to process it much quicker. Maybe this is just me though, open to other opinions.

    The chunk loader could probably do with a proper config, although you can disable the recipe in the config just like all of IC2's recipes.

    The GUI chaining the Industrial Workbench uses is complicated to apply to other blocks because it works from the client requesting getting the GUI rather than opening it directly. Perhaps this could be generalised to at least try and work with other blocks in the future.

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