IC2 Sever (FREE) : Visualize, Plan, and Create!

  • (UPDATED & WORKING) This server is right for everyone who seeks modded Minecraft that includes engineering mods like IC2 and Immersive Engineering. This server is available 24/7 and has included server help.

    Mod List : All mods are shown in the image attached (below are the main mods)

    · Buildcraft

    · ComputerCraft

    · Galacticraft

    · ImmersiveEngineering

    · Industrial Craft 2

    · Vending Block Mod

    Forge : (1.12.2)

    Rules :

    · Always respect others and play nice!

    · NO Nukes Allowed or you will be banned. Grief Protection / Land Claimed enabled

    · Have fun!

    IP Address :

    Mods Attached are personally made and cannot be found online : Author Chocohead

    Download All Mods Here : Download Zipped Mods Folder

    For further questions please comment down below or contact Chocohead or myself via direct message. For the EU-Mj converting mod listed below please contract myself of Chocohead.

    Thank you!