IC2 Sever (FREE) : Visualize, Plan, and Create!

  • (UPDATED & WORKING) This server is right for everyone who seeks modded Minecraft that includes engineering mods like IC2 and Immersive Engineering. This server is available 24/7 and has included server help.

    Mod List : All mods are shown in the image attached (below are the main mods)

    · Buildcraft

    · ComputerCraft

    · Galacticraft

    · ImmersiveEngineering

    · Industrial Craft 2

    · Vending Block Mod

    Forge : (1.12.2)

    Rules :

    · Always respect others and play nice!

    · NO Nukes Allowed or you will be banned. Grief Protection / Land Claimed enabled

    · Have fun!

    IP Address :

    Mods Attached are personally made and cannot be found online : Author Chocohead

    Download All Mods Here : Download Zipped Mods Folder

    For further questions please comment down below or contact Chocohead or myself via direct message. For the EU-Mj converting mod listed below please contract myself of Chocohead.

    Thank you!


  • It appears the server is currently offline. Given that IC2 is basically a dead mod nowadays and the server was started 4 years ago with no activity on this thread in the mean time, I don't think there's any chance the server will come back.

  • if you like you can use an online free Minecraft server service or host one yourself if you want to play with friends. I know a service that lets you add whatever mods you want, but because it's a free service it turns off the server after everyone leaves or is AFK for too long, but you can easily reboot it from the website of the service as soon as you want to play again.