Need help with Energy Sink

  • I was trying to make my own type of TileEntity accept EU using IEnergySink.

    I am using BasicSink. I got cables to connect, however the energy is not being directed to the TE.

    Here is the Tile Entity:

    I may later ask here if I would have problems with BasicSource

  • MC: 1.12.2

    IC2 Version: 2.8.94-ex112

    Also, for some reason this post got a copy, your site prints an error after creating a thread, and I guess it made a second post, sorry :/

  • Update:

    I found out why this happened, and I am very sorry, I am soo stupid X/

    Anyway the problem was that BasicSink's capacity was 0 and I just had to update it at doSetup()

    ..Sorry once again :/

  • Good to see you managed to work it out. Don't feel bad about asking too, helps other people will similar problems in the future knowing something to look for.

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