[IC2 Exp][1.12.2]New addon: Reactor Stuff. Adds alot more nuclear fuel types

  • I have worked on this for a while and i have added all the fuels i want to it. Here: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/reactor-stuff


    Glow in the dark ores: they glow in the dark. Ic2 :Uranium Ore: uranium was overridden so it also glows. Note that if you have optifine you have to flip a config option so it uses the otifine glow block model instead of forge's as that is incompatible.


    The recipes was changed so it uses plutonium nuggets instead of ingots so it fits with the other things. Now you can use it sooner. On top of that depleted mox has a new output: americium


    It makes half the heat and EU but has twice the lifetime. Like U238, Th232 is only fertile, not fissile, so what you actually use as fuel is U233 which is interchangeable with U235. Like MOX, thorium fuel makes more uranium than it consumes.


    A modified uranium fuel that will throttle itself down as reactor heat rises so it cannot explode. The downside is that it only has 3/4 the lifespan of uranium.

    Depleted Isotope :Depleted Cell::Enriched Cell::

    This is the breeder uranium from pre-experimental builds. After adsorbing enough neutron pulses it can be centrifuged to get plutonium. Dual and quad bundles take more to mature. If the reactor heat is above 50% it will mature twice as fast, which can be a good way to get plutonium faster.


    Elerium crystals can sometimes be found in jungle and desert temples. Elerium fuel makes twice the energy at half the heat of uranium and has 10 time the lifetime. The downside is that it does not fission by itself. It only makes power from neutron pulses. Like depleted isotope, bundles of elerium have increased lifetime, not power. Centrifuging depleted elerium produces lawrencium.


    Terminium ore can be found in the end. The ore will sometimes teleport around by swapping place with endstone. Like uranium it comes in 2 isotopes Tr252 and Tr254, with the latter being fissile. It makes twice the power at 50% the lifetime of uranium but it has an interesting quirk: Instead of pulsing neighboring components it pulses random ones. It only pulses components that can accept it and if it pulses a reflector it will pulse itself. If it cannot find a component in a limited number of rolls it will pulse its neighbor like normal. This was quite hard to code since the reactor runs the simulation backwards. Centrifuging depleted terminium produces californium.


    Blazonium can be found in the nether. It makes 4 times the heat at half the lifetime of uranium with 2 potentially dangerous quirk: 1) It pulses every component that shares an axis with it instead of just its neighbors and 2) for every neutron pulse received there is a chance based on how high the reactor heat is that next cycle it will send out an additional neutron burst. yes, in all 4 direction and on a line like its first one. Since its crafted with U238, centrifuging depleted blazonium produces plutonium.

    Neutron sources:

    Using americium a component that releases neutrons every cycle can be created. It does not run out but unlike reflectors it only pulses a component once even if it is a quad cell. Californium will also make a valid material for it in future releases.


    The mod adds its own RTGs which can accept a variety of fuels. It is slightly more efficient than the vanilla one but takes up 18 times the space. They can be stacked on top of each other to transfer energy. They make RF because the :Glass Fibre: EU net is too complicated. The values are: Pu:8RF/t, Am:2RF/t, Cf:3RF/t, Lr:20RF/t.

  • Very nice, quite the range of new reactor related things you're adding. Certainly matches the name well ;)

    I feel like you probably could have got away with just changing the texture IC2's uranium ore wanted rather than completely replacing it, but whatever. If you'd like I could look into getting your RTG E-net problem working too so you can have native EU generation too rather than depending on a way to do RF back to EU.

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  • Here is the update code of the RTG. They have to be able to stack.

  • Cool mod we tried it out. It has some issues and for that we sadly decided not to include it into our Modpack. We would highly love and support another future mod if it was cleaned up maybe even 100% standalone just adding reactor features and not tools, etc.

    Still I love the encouragement here and love to see more reactor stuff in the future for IC2.

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