My ic2 crop stick wont place down again after i broke my crop stick. (1.7.10)

  • hi Everyone on the forum and Ic2 Team.

    i have been playing with IC2 crops for a while now, i got few good looking plants but after harvesting hops and wheat plant from crop stick for some reason it won't plant back down.

    any ideas what could be causing the issue ? last time i went back to backup on the server it worked. i am enjoy ic2 crops but i am enjoying the crop stick issue where when i plant the crop stick it won't plant again. or something. maybe i am doing something wrong, so i use crop matron with fertlizer and Weed ex so i dont get any Weeds in my farm. so i can plant my crop sticks comfortably.

    just a fyi i have used my tinkers tool or empty hand to break off my crops maybe its tinkers causing this issue ?

    if you have any idea please post

    thank you


    Playing FTB Infinity Evolved Expert mode :

    Ic2 version : industrialcraft 2-2.2.827

    Forge 1614

  • Hard to know without seeing the specifics, but IC2 crops have requirements to plant, and if the specific location doesn’t meet them, the crop won’t plant.

    The most common thing I’ve run into is that flowers have a very high light requirement, which means they won’t plant at night unless there’s a torch quite near.

  • A screenshot of the scenario you've got could be quite useful, it might allow more certain suggestions than just general things. Like Gus said light level is an obvious one to get caught out with, theoretically crop fertilisation or air quality could be a problem too if you've built around the crops since you last used them. If breaking the dirt the crops are on and replacing it still doesn't allow you to place anything it will definitely be a condition that's changed rather than a problem with the crop at least.

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  • now i can't place crops again i dont know what changed but after server reboot maybe weather changed ? i dont know what block in ic2 tells all this conditions ? just a fyi i can plant in the nether but not in overworld

    here is a screenshot of my base