Is a Batch crafter with no / full inventory possible?

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    I am trying to further automate my factory, and the Batch Crafter Inventory is causing me issues. Is there a way to either turn it off or fill it?

    In this example, i am trying to craft a dual MOX fuel rod. I can put a recipe in no problem, but all my Iron Plate begins filling the crafter inventory. I'd like the BC to only pull 1 iron plate at most, and hold onto it until 2 MOX fuel rods are available. Instead, I am happy I only had 1 stack of Iron plate made, because I would have had quite the time pulling lots of it out of the BC inventory.

    I suppose I could fill the inventory with iron plate, but in a survival game this seems like a waste. Any suggestions on either

    A) Turning off the BC inventory,

    B) filling the BC inventory so no further further iron plate can be pulled,


    C) limiting the process to only take 1 of each needed item some other way?

    I'm using IC2 and AE2. I'm disliking AE2's ME Interfaces, since they don't seem to share when it's IC2 items; I can't seem to get items created properly and back into viewable inventory. I can't think of a way to only store 1 plate and 2 (or 1 and 1) single fuel rods, since I don't know redstone commands well enough to know something like "off when not empty" yet. That's the next direction I am taking, but I am only just starting.

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    I've found a workaround for my problems in AE2... but that doesn't change the fact that I don't know of a way to send "only just enough" to a batch crafter.

    I'd love to see an item sorter or an item filter that will hold an exact amount of something to process.