Voltage 1.7.10

  • Hello, I would like to know how to include explosions from high voltage on the mechanisms in 1.7.10, played on 1.10.2, everything works as it should, explodes and the voltage is normal, can you please tell me how to turn on the voltage? Thank you in advance.

  • There are many bugs, including wires transmitting unlimited amounts of energy and without loss. I advise you to move to a new version of minecraft.

  • on 1.10.2 tired of playing, already studied the entire ic2 + some mods are not fully completed in this version or are not made. tried to make Assembly on 1.12.2, too big drawdowns

  • You can use Uncomplication to fix the enet on 1.7, but you'll have to make sure you configure it if you don't want the recipe changes too.

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