Windfarm not spinning

  • Hello Industrialcraftians!

    Today I have come to you with question about windfarm - Im sure everything is setted up properly, but only one of kinetic wind generators line is working (most right one). Any ideas, about what I could forgot? MC 1.7.10 IC^2 Experimental and a lot other mods.

    Screenies of setup:

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  • No option to put them wrongly, Im nearly 100% sure. Otherwise, rotors won't even render I suppose.

    It's KWGs powering Kinetic Generators, right? It's very hard to see if KINETIC GENERATORS face the right way.

  • Checked how kinetic generators are rendering rotor - texture is visible even if there is no space to make it working. However, after few minecraft days seems that they are working when im not looking - kinetic electricity generators are fully loaded.