all heat vents and -exchangers prompt cannot be used in a fluid reactor - whats wrong?

  • Hi

    greetings from lake of constance

    Its not about resource cost or efficiency - got plenty of resources and time ..

    My costful but absolute safe EU reactor design


    wont work in a fluid reactor on my server..

    I´ve built more or less the reference design of pressure vessel and heat processing with tubes replacing some of the tanks which basically would work in means of producing hot coolant and dissipating heat via liquid heat exchanger BUT i could not proceed my first test run from single rods to dual or quad and evolve the design further as i noticed my adv. heat exchangers and vents prompting "cannot be used in liqid reactor - cool down in a EU reactor"


    tried all exchangers and vents - all prompt the same

    by the way.. for some reason i cant find any way to put destilled water into my steam processing array

    screenshots attached










    44 smaller mods

    private server in own private network, intelNUC , debian linux

    Win7/64 client


    thks for suggestions

  • How does it "not work"?


    You cannot put preheated exchangers in a fluid reactor, they must be fully cold before putting them in.

    For getting distilled water into the system you can for example use a canning machine with a pump attachment or anything superior added by any other tech mod, because IC2 distribution components suck.

  • Hi

    Oh - the picture is a simulation

    the reactor was built etirely new - all componentes unused - then i put some new std. vents and exchangers in - all the same..

    using single rods would take some time to get the componets really hot so it would be possible to genrate some energy untill a cooldown would be required... but there mus be something wrong as i see theese componets used in oter designes.. and ..there must be at least one type of heat distributing component inside the reactor - if non of the avaliable componets were designed for use in fluid reactor no safe configuration would be possible..

    The target is to build a liquid reactor as safe as my EU Reactor... the shown design runs at 120 EU/t with 2% Heat forever in EU mode..

    But again - how to set up a safe design if all available heat managing reactor componets prompt that they ar not for use in liquid reactor..

    i m surpised as i expected rather to experience troubles in getting the heat processed properly as this is new to me and i miss slots for liquid ecetor upgrades to fix the output direction.. the issue in the reacto itself is a bit murphy style..

    must be something i miss