IC2 1.12.2 MFSU power doesn't add up

  • So I am running this server with IC2 + lots of mods (my own modpack) and I'm having trouble with a small power system. I have a 7x7 solar pannel array and it generates 49eu/t in the day. I also have a house that has 25 luminators (its a big house) which should draw roughly 6.25eu/t and the eu-reader shows exactly that. When I look at the MFSU though I see that it's discharging at an alarming rate. The eu-reader says it's getting just over 40eu/t energy gain, however it is discharging. I've tried *everything*, and it seems some of the luminators are drawing more power than they say (I used a computer from computercraft to measure the actual energy loss/gain by measuring the charge in the MFSU and then measuring it again).

    What the heck could be going on here?? If anyone has any ideas then I'd really like to hear them.

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    Likely EU loss in the Cables.

    I'm using glass fibre cables and an EV transformer though... The weird thing is that the MFSU is *reporting* energy gain but in fact it's losing energy. The load is over 10x what the eu-reader reports.