IC2 MFE does not transfer power to LV-Transformer

  • Hello everyone, I'm a bit confused.

    Used modpack: Tekxit 3

    Minecraft version: 1.12.2

    On a private server, I have hooked up a Thermal Generator to an MFE, which is connected to a LV-Transformer, then to a Batbox and then to my machines (see the diagram below).

    The Output of my MFE is also connected to my AE2 system.

    :Geothermal Generator::Glass Fibre::MFE-Transmitter::Glass Fibre::LV-Transformer::Glass Fibre::Batbox::Glass Fibre::Induction Furnace:

    :MFE-Transmitter::Glass Fibre:[AE2 Energy Acceptor]

    I have already tested this circuit in a local world and it works totally fine. Now, I have build it on a private Nitrado server and there is no energy flowing between the transformer and my MFE unit. I have measured it using an EU-Reader. The output of my MFE works though, because my AE2 system is getting power.