Adding receipt in IC2

  • Hi all. I found information about opportunity adding own receipt, but I have a problem with this.

    So, I have a mod Railcraft, and in that mod exist sulfur ore, and salpeter ore. I want to make from sulfur ore sulfur dust. Tried to config this into macerator.ini, furnace.ini, but nothing.

    Any ideas?

  • I wrote in file macerator.ini

    Railcraft:oreSulfur = ic2:dust#Sulfur

    Railcraft:ore:oreSulfur = ic2:ddust#sulfur

    OreDict:oreSulfur = ic2:dust#sulfur

    I try use Craft Tweaker to see metadata, and wrote also

    Railcraft:ore = ic2:dust:16

    But, all nothing.

  • This post seems related to my problem:

    I can't turn Nether Quarz and Certus Quarz from Applied Energistics 2 into dusts in the macerator.

    I think it worked back then.

    Is it supposed to not do that? And more importantly: how can I add the recipe quarz->dust ?

  • So I know now that I have to copy the macerator.ini file from the IC2.jar and put it in a folder in the config and add the recipe to the file. Like

    minecraft:coal@1 = ic2:dust#coal

    for making coal dust from charcoal.

    But under what path can I find macerator.ini in the jar? I clicked through all folders that seem to make sense but I havn't found it.

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    ic2.jar: assets/ic2/config/macerator.ini

    Move it to .minecraft/config/ic2

    As for adding machine recipes, instructions are given in each .ini file on how to add your own.

    As for why it worked back then, AE2 added its own macerator/crusher recipes when other mods are detected. However, this was with a unofficial AE2 port for 1.11.2 (Llamagistics). I looked in the llamagistics jar and found some custom recipes folders where all these recipes could be altered, including macerator recipes, if IC2 was loaded.

    Right now I'm looking in the ae2 jar for 1.12.2 and I couldn't find any crusher recipes involving the macerator. So you'll have to add that to the macerator.ini yourself.

  • This is great, thank you.

    With 7Zip I see it too. The compiler didn't show the assets folder.

    I was able to add the charcoal to coal dust recipe that I copied to validate the method. Works.

    But now I need to find out the ID of certus quarz, certus quarz dust and nether quarz dust.

    I tried the following so far but didn't work:

    minecraft:quarz = appliedenergistics2:nether_quarz_dust

    minecraft:quartz = appliedenergistics2:dust#nether_quartz

    minecraft:quartz = appliedenergistics2:#4772/3

    How can i find out the ID's?

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    Just installed ic2 and ae2 for 1.12.2 to see it for myself.

    Press F3+H to enable the advanced tooltips when hovering over items.

    Hovering over nether quartz shows that the ID is minecraft:quartz

    and the AE2 quartz dust is appliedenergistics2:material. However, this item has a metadata ID of 3 (as seen by the 4308/3, or 4772/3 in your case. So you would have to add @3 to the end of appliedenergistics2:material.

    So, according to the recipe format for the macerator recipes, the recipe code would look like this (on a new line, without ; in front of it, because that disables it):

    minecraft:quartz = appliedenergistics2:material@3

    I added this to a empty line at the bottom of my macerator.ini, saved, then reloaded minecraft to check if it worked. It did.

  • Ahh ok now I understand it. I enabled advanced tooltips already and I was trying things like appliedenergistics2:material#certusQuartzDust

    With and without underscores. Also tried dustCertusQuartz etc.

    with @3 it works for me too. Already implemented the recipe for normal quartz which would be

    appliedenergistics2:material@0 = appliedenergistics2:material@2

    if someone wants to add it too.

    thanks again and sorry for the inconvenience.

    EDIT: imagine all the customization possibilities now that I understand the whole system. :D

    no but for real i dug through the appliedenergistics jar aswell and found all the recipe files. I really learned a tiny bit about modding or atleast about how these things are arranged and how they work in the progress. thanks for that too!