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    I think that a few recipes could use a little adjustment. Namely, the electric furnace.

    Would make more sense if it required a coil:

    x :Resin: x

    :Glass Fibre: :Advanced Furnace: X

    :Copper Dust: :Electronic Circuit: :Copper Dust:

    Where :Resin: = coil, :Glass Fibre: = tin cable, :Advanced Furnace: = iron furnace, :Copper Dust: = Redstone, :Electronic Circuit: = circuit

    The MV transformer could use coils too:

    X :Cable: X

    :Resin::Advanced Machine::Resin:

    X :Cable: X

    Where :Resin: = coil, :Cable: = copper cable, :Advanced Machine: = basic machine casing

    EDIT: not quite finished yet

    Pumps have a weird recipe. Why use pistons when IC2 has motors?


    :Iridium: X :Iridium:

    :Cable::Sticky Dynamite::Glass Fibre:

    :Iridium: X :Iridium:

    where :Cable: = copper cable, :Iridium: = iron item casing, :Sticky Dynamite: = motor, :Glass Fibre: = small bronze pipe


    :Intergrated Plating: X :Intergrated Plating:

    :Cable::Sticky Dynamite::Glass Fibre:

    :Intergrated Plating: X :Intergrated Plating:

    where :Cable: = gold cable, :Intergrated Plating: = steel item casing, :Sticky Dynamite: = motor, :Glass Fibre: = medium steel pipe

    Also i suggest a HV-Pump to make full use of the large steel pipe with 9600mb/sec

    X :Industrial Credit: X

    :Cable::Sticky Dynamite::Glass Fibre:

    X :Electronic Circuit: X

    where :Cable: = iron cable, :Industrial Credit: = steam turbine blade, :Sticky Dynamite: = motor, :Glass Fibre: = large steel pipe, :Electronic Circuit: = circuit

    I installed Forge with the


    and I'm running


    In most cases just take the reccomended file for the version you're trying to play on and you should be fine.

    Ahh ok now I understand it. I enabled advanced tooltips already and I was trying things like appliedenergistics2:material#certusQuartzDust

    With and without underscores. Also tried dustCertusQuartz etc.

    with @3 it works for me too. Already implemented the recipe for normal quartz which would be

    appliedenergistics2:material@0 = appliedenergistics2:material@2

    if someone wants to add it too.

    thanks again and sorry for the inconvenience.

    EDIT: imagine all the customization possibilities now that I understand the whole system. :D

    no but for real i dug through the appliedenergistics jar aswell and found all the recipe files. I really learned a tiny bit about modding or atleast about how these things are arranged and how they work in the progress. thanks for that too!

    This is great, thank you.

    With 7Zip I see it too. The compiler didn't show the assets folder.

    I was able to add the charcoal to coal dust recipe that I copied to validate the method. Works.

    But now I need to find out the ID of certus quarz, certus quarz dust and nether quarz dust.

    I tried the following so far but didn't work:

    minecraft:quarz = appliedenergistics2:nether_quarz_dust

    minecraft:quartz = appliedenergistics2:dust#nether_quartz

    minecraft:quartz = appliedenergistics2:#4772/3

    How can i find out the ID's?

    So I know now that I have to copy the macerator.ini file from the IC2.jar and put it in a folder in the config and add the recipe to the file. Like

    minecraft:coal@1 = ic2:dust#coal

    for making coal dust from charcoal.

    But under what path can I find macerator.ini in the jar? I clicked through all folders that seem to make sense but I havn't found it.

    This post seems related to my problem:

    I can't turn Nether Quarz and Certus Quarz from Applied Energistics 2 into dusts in the macerator.

    I think it worked back then.

    Is it supposed to not do that? And more importantly: how can I add the recipe quarz->dust ?


    I'm playing 1.12.2, great that you guys still developing this mod.

    I've seen theres pipes now, which is awesome. (the ol' fluid distributors were a bit clunky to be honest)

    The tooltip says "make connections with a wrench", but it seems like I'm too stupid. Or am I ?

    Is this a buggy thing or am i doing something wrong? I can't connect my pump to the ore washer. Is there a special trick or key that i have to press to make connections work?

    Thanks and have a nice weekend everybody.

    Ok, I see...

    Well so it's more like

    appliedenergistics2:material@4357 = 1000


    appliedenergistics2:material@4357/0 = 1000


    appliedenergistics2:material@#4357/0 = 1000

    even tried

    appliedenergistics2:material@[4357/0] = 1000 ?

    But none of them worked. At least now the game doesn't crash anymore, but i still can't scan Certus Quartz.

    If i hover over the item it says "Certus Quartz Crystal (#4357/0) 4357"

    Do you have another idea what i could put in there to make it work?

    Thank you for the answer,

    I tried that already, but it throws me this error

    "The game crashed whilst there was a severe problem during mod loading that has caused the game to fail

    Error: net.minecraftforge.fml.common.LoaderExceptionModCrash: Caught exception from IndustrialCraft 2 (ic2)"

    The section in my config looks like this:

    ; Additional initial uu values, a value of 1 equals cobblestone.

    ; Recipes may cause the final value be lower than the one specified here.

    ; Format: <name>[@metadata] = <value>

    [balance / uu-values / predefined]

    IC2:misc_resource#iridium_ore = 12000

    IC2:misc_resource#iridium_shard = 1333

    appliedenergistics2:material#certus_quartz_crystal = 850

    Any ideas?

    Hey there,

    I'd like to add certus quartz crystal from applied energistics 2 to the UUM system of ic2.

    as of right now it seems to not be scannable and thus not replicatable, which is unfortuante because I can replicate everything I need but certus quartz.

    Is there a way to make it work on the scanner?

    Oh thank you, that helped. :D

    and how to figure out what <name>[@metadata] for CertusQuartz or any other item is?
    I tried AppliedEnergistics2:itemCertusQuartzCrystal = 350 , but it seems not to work?

    Hey everybody,

    is there a way to copy Certus Quartz from Applied Energistics 2 via UU-Matter? I can't put it in the Scanner, so i think the UUM-System works for Vanilla MC/ IC2 items only. But is there a way to add recipes from other mods?

    ; To modify recipes or add custom recipes, copy the corresponding .ini file to

    ; "minecraft/config/ic2" and modify it.


    ; Disable IC2 crafting recipes with the specified output, comma separated list.

    ; Recipes in the additional section below aren't affected.

    ; Format: <name>[@metadata], e.g. minecraft:bucket to disable IC2's bucket recipe from tin.
    disable =
    ; Purge crafting recipes with the specified output, including vanilla and mod ones, comma separated list.

    ; Recipes in the additional section below aren't affected.

    ; Format: <name>[@metadata], e.g. minecraft:tnt to disable crafting tnt.
    purge =
    ; Enable crafting of IC2 coins, otherwise they have to be spawned in and are thus limited.
    allowCoinCrafting = true
    ; Allow only IC2 circuits to be used in IC2's recipes.
    requireIc2Circuits = false
    ; Adjust smelting recipes to always output IC2 items if available.
    smeltToIc2Items = false
    ; Ignore invalid recipes.
    ignoreInvalidRecipes = false

    This is the part in the config that i mean. I think that it must be something in the red colored line, but what do i have to write there?

    I tried to disable the crafting recipe of the Kinetic Gearbox Rotor (Carbon) and the one made out of refined iron, since i read something about disableing recipes in the config, but i made no success :(

    Can someone help me with that?