Pipe connections

  • Hi,

    I'm playing 1.12.2, great that you guys still developing this mod.

    I've seen theres pipes now, which is awesome. (the ol' fluid distributors were a bit clunky to be honest)

    The tooltip says "make connections with a wrench", but it seems like I'm too stupid. Or am I ?

    Is this a buggy thing or am i doing something wrong? I can't connect my pump to the ore washer. Is there a special trick or key that i have to press to make connections work?

    Thanks and have a nice weekend everybody.

    • Official Post

    Hover over the pipe sections while holding the wrench. (Forgot whether you need the old or new wrench for this. Try both). You'll see a square with little sections appear (corners, sides, center). Rightclick on the sides while hovering over a pipe to connect that pipe to the block/pipe in that direction.