IC2 1.7.10 -, Make Refined Iron not = Steel?

  • Like in Tekkit legends or older Tekkit versions that specifically used refined iron in recipes, it was its own thing, and steel was separate.

    Can this be changed to have its own oredict, or does this have to be manually fixed by scripts?

    Any help welcome, thanks.

  • I just downloaded the zip for Tekkit Legends, and it uses IC2 Classic (by Speiger), rather than IC2 Experimental. That mod has an option to use steel in the recipes instead, but as far as I can tell from decompiled source, that wouldn't add refined iron to the "steel" oredicts, making it useless.

    If you want refined iron to be separate from steel with IC2 Experimental, you'd need MineTweaker/CraftTweaker scripts.