Is there actually a "finished" version of IC2 or a plan for one?

  • Because the description of every single IC2E project reads

    "Currently the port is not completely done, some world save incompatible changes may happen, causing blocks or items to change or disappear."

    I tried the 1.18, which appears to be completely unplayable. I guess that's not too surprising, but how could I tell since the description is the same as for the 1.12?

    What is the most complete version and does it make sense to play it at this time?

  • Shirolol

    Changed the title of the thread from “Is there actually a "finished" verison of IC2 or a plan for one?” to “Is there actually a "finished" version of IC2 or a plan for one?”.
  • As far as I know the 1.12 versions are stable and I have used 1.12 experimental IC2 without issues. Because development by the official developers has as far as I know completely stopped you probably don't have to worry about future breaking changes, even if it's still officially unstable. If you use a 1.18 port or something then even if it stabilizes it's still highly likely to be incompatible with the official 1.12 IC2.