[bug V1.1.5] (SMP) Quantum armour in the nether has its effects multiplied

  • I was playing around in the nether a while ago and i strapped on my Quatum boots. Now when i tried to power jump it launched my over 100 blocks forwards and about 40 blocks up.
    i havent tried the Legs yet but im fairly sure they will make you Run 8x faster than in the real world.
    it also does not stop 100% of damage more like 25%.

    keep in mind this was tested on an SMP server with Buildcraft 2.2.1 installed

    Edit: after some futher testing it found that it only occurs after going through the nether portal
    not just going Into the nether but also while on the real world (recconecting fixes this)

  • Probably it's some sort of "time rewind" as you encounter it in SMP if the client is for some reason "lagging behind" and tries to reach the current time. It usually cause everything around you moving faster, didn't knew it could influence the gameticking mechanism as well.

    This or that, it's a Portal-related bug either way... doubt i can fix it.