Perfect Breeder (3 chambers) ,fast warm up, stays at its heat, need coolant swaps.

  •…XHXXCXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (change outward cooling to none)

    How to use it?

    First thing you need to do is to heat it up. To see the temperature watch the energy generated. Energy/4 = current heat. For example if you want to run it at 6k heat, let it produce 24k energy.

    At this point, the reactor and the "thermometer"-disperser on the top right will each have taken 6k heat. The top right disperser is your thermometer to see how far up the heat is. Good to see if it goes critical.

    At the desired temperature swap in two heat dispersers in the middle for the coolant cells, so it should look like this:…XHXXCXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Now the reactor will stay exactly at its heat. BUT you have to switch coolants from time to time. If you run at 6k heat, you have to switch all 8 cells and 2 dispersers after about 1400 seconds.
    Cool them down in a second reactor that looks like this:…XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    The big advantage of this type of reactor, is that you can stop it at anytime without loosing the heat, by just shutting it down and removing the 2 dispersers between the coolants. the thermometer stays in.
    This way you wont have to heat it up every time before you use it.

    I hope you think this is at least a bit useful.

    [Edit] I tested this reactor design at over 9k heat for over 2h now, i didnt get 1 lava or fire nor a meltdown of any kind. At this temperature you can make 4 uranium cells with just 1 cell.


  • it IS wanted that they store up heat. those 2 dsipersers will suck 50 heat dispers each 20 of it to nearby cells (holding the temperature on all items on the same level). they go down all together, and as i stated need to be swapped after a certain amount of time. Which is the negative part of this design. positiv part: fast heatup and only 1 heat up ever if managed correctly.

    Let the simulator run and watch it. (also tested ingame with more than 1 full uranium cycle)

  • I have run it, and it works nicely. Just saying it's nice if the HD won't pop if you forget about it for a few minutes :)

    Was working my ass of to get a no-HD breeder running, because I wanted 12k heat. But then I was told that breeding doesn't speed up after 9k and I was like - meh, boring.

  • if you run it at 6k heat you got 1428 seconds before it starts heating up more, which is some time.
    It's true that it will pop, but it will pop at the moment the reactor explodes ;) so the popping of the disperers is your smallest problem...

  • If you use platings the cells will pop before ANY hull heating occures :D
    Edit: Also, you know 9k heat is perfectly safe for a 3-chamber reactor? It won't melt stuff until over 11k heat, and only really blow at 13k

    Edit2: It's stupid how Al, of all people, is spreading false info about his own game. 10k is the explosion point of a no-chamber reactor with no platings only ?(

  • the 6k heat was just an example.
    Well with your design the cells will pop 200 (at 6k heat) seconds sooner, not blowing anything but killing the cells. and i dont want to recraft all the cells ;)

    the better part of my design is: stopping is done by switching 2 items out and heat is dispersed equally to 10 items (not 8 like in your's).

  • I have a question: I thought only depleted cells next to an uranium cell would be recharges, so why you are using more depleted cells in your design?

  • To get perfect heat balance, so it won't cool down. A cold breeder is a slow breeder :D

    I don't understand how this designs have perfect heat balance, can you explain to me what do you mean and how this result is obtained? from what I can see they are bulding up heat.

  • I don't understand how this designs have perfect heat balance, can you explain to me what do you mean and how this result is obtained? from what I can see they are bulding up heat.

    If the reactor hull (and right top HD) has a lot of heat in them, the two HDs with coolants will suck up all heat generation. So if you keep swapping those coolants (And HDs) it won't change temperature :)