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    Hook the reactors up to Railcraft turbines with Golden waterproof pipes to produce eu. Or go into the config and disable steam producing reactors, i think it should be in the IC2 config. : Enable steam outputtin reactor = false

    Do i understand you right, if i think you mean something like this:

    HV LINE => :HV-Transformer: => MV Line ? If you measure the lines with your eu-reader you will get the following:
    2048eu/t :HV-Transformer: 2048eu/t And now you ask yourself why do i get the same numbers though i've transformed it?

    Well that is because the transformer does the following:
    1 Package with 2048 eu comes in, the transformer takes it and splits it into 4 * 512 eu packages. But it releases those packages in the same tick. So if you read the power before the transformer and after it, your reader will not see a difference, because he can just read the whole ammount passing through the cable, even if it is once 1* 2048 and the other side 4 * 512.

    Btw yes it is intentional to not loose any energy by transforming it.

    Is it possible to increase the number of plants I have of a particular cross-bred specie (for example, coffee) without having to breed each and every one individually?
    ie; will seedbags ever contain more than 1 seed?

    Seedbags will always contain 1 seed. but if you rip out your plant when fully grown there is a chance that more than 1 seed bag is dropped. so either crossbreed the plants to multiply or hope for multiple bag drops.

    i cannot answer all question but parts of it:

    Reactors cant explode before reaching their max temp afaik.

    2nd: all the dmg stuff etc is calculated on a % of max temp. So a reactor that can hold 60k heat will be harmless with 9.5k heat, while a 10k reactor will already melt stone. I don't know the exact numbers for the stuff, but it's all relative to the max heat.

    As far as i understand the stuff: Coolant cells are just passive and stupid, they take what they get from the sides, not doing anything active (they are just a container). Heat vents are also pretty stupid components, they take what they can get from the hull (most of them) and dispers what they can. For example an overclocked heat vent will kill itself pretty fast if there is enough heat on the reactor hull.
    The only real intelligent item is the heat exchangers which tries to balance everything around itself and/or the reactor hull to a certain fill grade.

    so: overclocked heat vent without any item next to it: takes what he gets and kills himself probably. Heat vent with exchangers: still takes what he can get from the hull while the exchanger tries to balance it.

    If the heat exchanger will actually already in the first tick do what you said, im not sure but lets take the 2nd tick and think he just took 36 heat in the first tick, 2nd tick: takes 36 from the cell and adds 36 to the vent, doing this till it reaches an equilibrated state, but since he can just take what he will throw out at the same time, it won't accumulate heat.

    2nd thing: yes.

    Ok i have no idea what you calculated at the end and it seems far too complex, let me show you a simple way:

    My example has 2 components: Reactor max capacity 20k, exchanger 5k. The system holds 10k Heat right now.

    20k+5k = 25k Sum up all the heatcap from all items you want to calculate
    10k/25k = 0.4 heat/heatmax = fillgrade

    now you can go like this:
    Reactor: 20k * 0.4 = 8000
    Exchanger: 5k * 0.4 = 2000

    same thing for lots of components.

    there are two things, the eu you can read with the reader and the eu packages actually fed through the cable.

    What the eu-reader reads: All eu that are passing through the cable, no matter in what kind of package it is.
    What are packages? Packages are packets of eu's. These are the things that limit the ammount of energy you can feed a machine. For example, if you feed your Massfab 2048 eu/t in the form of 4 * 512 eu/package, it will work well. If you feed your machine with 2048 eu in 1 package from an HV transformer, it will explode. That is the difference. You can feed your massfab 50k eu/t with enough HV solars, thats no problem, as long as the individual package does not exceed 512 eu.

    dk if you're good with electrics, but its like this: packages are Volts and the ammount of packages are Ampere. You may feed your machine 512 volts, but not more. But your machine can take endless ammounts of Ampere.

    minor optimitzation: put a core heat exchanger in 3 of the 4 corners at the component heat vents. (exactly 60 cooling)
    Also Set up the heating in a line:

    57Heat => 60K coolant => component heat ex. => core heat ex <= component heat ex. <= 60 k coolant <= 57 heat. => 72 heat can be generated this way, to 57k

    Then toss out all the reactor vents. => 5 slots emptied.