Explosive power of overheated reactor

  • I make some tests in Nether with full-loaded of uranium cells in 6 chamber reactor and i was scared it blast power - reactor destroyed its "cage". Ive set up a reactor, its 6 chambers, redstone wires to turn it on; layer of water around whole reactor, 2 layers of obsidian - everything dissapeard, leaving huge hole. My safe test building suffer this explosion too, but fortunately it survives. So how many blast power have full-loaded reactors of evry shape and size? And how much layers of water/brick/obsidian/whatever stops possibly explosion?

  • 10 without cores 3 per core up to 45 is's about 25% more destructive then nuke (nuke is 35)

    need 12 cores for full power - 3*4 setup will max explosion, this basically dont need any chambers.

  • Ive perform this test in Nether - i dont want holes in surface - 3 explosions of 6-chamber reactor in the same point make huge hole straigh to bedrock. Hope layer of water and 3 layers of reinforced stone dont blow up my small nuclear station.

  • yeah Dirt > Netherack in explosion resistance if 8 dirt gets blown then 10 netherack will get blown
    (no Rule #34 please)

  • I must agree, idea from your link is good, but what if my reactor is surrounded by water from begining? This emergency shutdown will not work i afraid.