Nuclear reactor, Ice cooled

  • After installing the techinc pack and poking around on these forums, i came across a user who made a awesome ice cooled nuclear reactor, but it didn't produce it's own ice and could only run for so long.
    So i decided to attempt to pull off a system that produces it's own ice and will only need refilling of uranium manually.
    so i have just finished making a rough ice cooled reactor, that should be able to run for a full cycle without the need for manual cooling, or using anything but ice.

    it produces aprox 680eu/t according to:…UXXUUUUXXUUUUXXUUUUXXXXXX
    the system produces all the ice it needs itself, and should be pretty much self sufficent, although at its current stage it will require some fine tuning every now and then due to some chests overfilling and clogging up the system. (working on fixing it)

    it uses IC2, BC, and eqEx.
    it has about 120 cobble generators, miles upon miles of pipes, a large amount of redstone torches, and also contains a large amount of my free time lol
    this was made using tmi btw :P

    also, first post here, gotta start somewhere i guess :)

    p.s it takes up ALOT of my pc's resources, it drops my fps from 260 to about 30 ;(

    here are some links to pictures of the build:
    *minor edits*

  • your comments are going to be a bit misleading to ic newbies. The reactor doesnt make any ice for itself. Also im getting a blank reactor layout when I click on your link.

    Its a nice idea, and practically viable if you like to run buildcraft and IC together.

  • Wow, that looks amazing! :thumbsup:
    I'm not gonna even attempt that. I once built an automated Industrial diamond factory and it almost killed my computer every time I walked near it lol :D

    OT, how do you get water into buckets? Automatically?
    I mean you can use BC pumps to get water into BC tanks but it's still in it's liquid form.

  • guess you could call it haaaax =P
    i like to call it, creative use of the technic pack ^^
    if anybody wants to poke around with the save, just tell me and i can find a way to upload it =P
    the last thing to fix on it before it works fully, is to get the coal to sand ratio fixed in the system, it is what usually clogs it up and causes a catastrophic meltdown

  • sounds like a good challenge =P

    will fix my sand to coal ratio, then i will work on moving it underground =)

    was actually thinking of covering the different systems up so it actually looks like a factory

    Pro tip 1: before fixing coal to sand ratio in the machine, always make sure your reactor is powered off, otherwise the resulting stop of ice flow will cause your reactor to go boom.

  • This might save you some heartache:

    Yes, I am from the south.

    And yes, i am congested. shush and watch.

    actually, i am using a system now that uses the redstone pipes(in the technic pack) that detects if a block is passing through it, hooked it up to the ice overflow that picks up the excess ice from the reactor.
    So if no ice is passing through the overflow loop, it means that my primary cooling system is not sufficent, so it shuts down the reactor, letting the primary system fill it up and start the overflow cycle, and thus starting the reactor again.
    should the primary cooling system be completely broken, this will prevent it from starting up at all =P
    also tested having it start a backup cooling system, using a bunch of chests filled with ice and some engines to pump it into the loop, a fun extra feature but probably not needed.