Support Request: Possible issue with removing machines from world and a question on reactors.

  • Good morning guys. I have come across a possible bug in 8.10. I was removing machines with my wrench and on the 4th machine the game freezes up and kicks me to a black screen. Now I don't know if this is IC or if it is one of the following mods:
    BuildCraft v1.7.3.1
    Integrated Redstone v1.7.3

    If someone could be so kind to walk me through how to get the game to record errors I could do that for you guys. I haven't attempted this on SSP only on SMP.

    My reactor question:
    I am working on making (hopefully) a fully automated factory on my SMP server. To do this I am going to use Reactors to power everything (as I have sadly discovered that I cannot run HV from the surface down to the basement). These reactors are going to be underground and of course heavily protected from any accidents :). My idea for this was to use Buildcraft tubes to run uranium into a core reactor to process the ignots and then have it dispersed to my various power reactors. My question comes in at the power reactors. I noticed the buildcraft tubes can only be hooked in the top or bottom of a machine to get material in. To get the ignots in to the reactor I would have to run a tube underneath the reactor and have the power cable come out the top of the reactor. Is this possible?

  • Run the game from the command line.

    Why no HV?

    Also, reactors wont explode if they are just processing ingots, so make some that process, then make the power generating ones with just an input pipe and power cable.

  • Okay that was what I was looking for. HV only emits 2000EU current from the top which makes it impossible to run the wire downward. The only work around I have seen is to have the power generators underground (IE reactor) and use HV Transformers to route the power upwards.

  • That is okay I was testing on a SSP world and I found that the reactor has a chance of going meltdown while just processing uranium into ignots. I think I am going to route solar panels in to the base or something else.

    This just happened a minute ago. All the reactor was tasked to do is process uranium. Then the ignots would of been placed into a storage container via tubes and sent on to the powering reactor.