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    You have two options. A timed setup using a wooden pipe to withdraw and put in the bucket, or better, a RP retriever set to pull empty buckets and have the filter put the filled ones into the pipe connected to the bottom. The issue with that is it needs power which needs RP solars which don't work in the nether, so a timed setup with a wooden pipe is the only option.

    See this, it tackles the same problem that you have, but in that case it is dealing with lapotrons and MFSU's, which have the same bottom slot problem.

    I combined mod functionality to automate a process that can already be done? OMG CHEATING!!! Dude nerf lapotrons NAO you shouldn't be able to transport energy with them!!!!!!!!111111oneoneone

    @Everyone else
    I just designed this as a proof of concept to show that it is possible to transport power over long distances cheaply, without using a whole plethora of mods that are unbalanced and getting around the energy tp pipes built in loss. Personally, I like the idea of having a single power station somewhere transferring power everywhere it is needed, and this is the only feasible way possible. It also is great for making teleporters have an easy return ability.

    Player has expressed his ideas to make charging stuff like batteries and lapos have loss in it, if so, this would be balanced, until then, 8)

    Yep, I've done it, completely lossless power transport, with unlimited range.

    Mods: IC (obv), BC, RP, BC additional pipes

    The first image is the charging station. Empty lapotrons come in through the right and are put into the top of the MFSU. The filter next to the MFSU has a full lapotron in it, so when it's done charging, it is pulled out and sent through the teleport pipe.

    The second image is the de-charging station. The full lapos come in through the right tele pipe, and go into the chest. They are pulled out by the wooden pipe (assume an engine replaces the redstone power I'm using), and sent down to the MFSU. The redstone pipe activates a 100 second timer, which is enough for the crystal to de-charge completely. When the timer causes the wooden pipe on the left to pull out the empty lapotron (again we must assume that it turns on an engine for just a second), it is sent back to the chest, and the filter there with an empty lapotron in it pulls it out and it is sent back to the charging station. The obby pipe behind the MFSU is just to catch extras.

    The more lapotrons in the system, the better it works.
    Not having at least 512 eu's coming into the charging mfsu (preferably 600, though not in one packet!) will cause the system to bottleneck there, so don't try to use this for really small power amounts.

    So there you have it, all you need to transport tons of energy from one point, to any other point!


    As far as I can tell, EV is better than gold the second gold starts having loss. Simple fact is that the packet size difference makes gold immediately lose so much EU that it then becomes better to send mass blobs of EU rather than a slow stream.

    I'm currently tinkering on whether to build those gadgets as cables or as machines (yes, there's an actual difference codewise).

    Because i'm not sure whether a cable can detect electricity running through. And as well i doubt it can actuall prevent electricity running through (2nd gadget) when redstoned, except for "disabling" itself in the enet... which would cause a un-neat reload every time something turn on/off.
    Rather going to put that into some sort of "Redstone-Transformer" blocks, which act similar to Electric Storage blocks, but are either outputting or inputting redstone.

    Will probably be a pain to code the buffering, though.

    Hmm, yeah it will be difficult.

    The simplest solution would be to make them like transformers, but with no voltage change when power is sent through.

    I greatly support this idea.

    I think it should look downwards in a square area around your character, and then on a little screen or something ores would show up as disturbances in the color, and caves and bases would be large blobs.

    Would be quite interesting to see how one could hide an underground base with strategically placed ores and manmade caves...

    No, there is no logic. There is balance however.

    Low voltage wires can travel further without loss, while high voltage wires can't. The reasoning is, that when sending HV in huge packets of 512eu or 2148eu, that loss is only being applied once every packet, rather than continuously as with the LV.

    A (not so) mathy example:

    Lets say we want to move some eu along 20 blocks of wire.

    Say we are using gold wire and a MFE. We will lose 8 eu per packet of 128 sent. Not bad.
    Now what if we are using a HV transformer and some HV cable. We will lose 16eu every packet of 2048 sent.

    But now we must remember, that for the gold wire to send the same power as the HV wire, it has to send it 16 times! So thats actually 128eu lost per packet of 2048 sent.

    16eu loss with SHV sounds a lot better than 128eu loss with gold, eh? It's a lot faster too, so if you need power speedily, you can see why this is useful.

    Or you could use some glass fiber, and only lose 1eu per 512, so 4 per 2048, but thats just me.

    Huh. I honestly didn't know that. I had to check the wiki. Well, I'll just say the trees have a higher chance of growing without the use of bonemeal if they're spaced out. Surprisingly, still works. Crystals for you sir! :Energy Crystal: :Energy Crystal: :Energy Crystal:

    Yep. The thing is, my compact design allows for so many more saplings that it balances out the slower grow time. Not sure if rubber trees will work close together though & I know birch & pine won't, so if you want those & not just normal wood you would have to space it.

    Trees need a minimum vertical space to grow. In your design, with the trees being right next to each other, once one grows, most of the saplings around it won't. By having two spaces between the trees, you give each individual tree room to grow. I really haven't had much trouble using a design with just one space between the trees, but it was also for manual removal, so it really didn't matter if some of the trees didn't grow, as I replanted everything as I harvested.

    Actually, they grow through leaves, soo...

    I've had blobs of trunks all next to each other in mine.