Composite /EOD armor

  • Composite Set

    Pretty much just complete the set, there should be an effect where it reduces knockback a bit, but reduces movement speed, because sometimes when i'm underground, and a creeper comes up and blows right next to me, sure i'm fine from the explosion but then i either get knocked down a chasm or a shaft or even into a pool of lava, so i hope there's going to be that sort of thing

    recipes are pretty easy, just make the :Iridium: = Advanced Alloy :Copper Ingot: = Leather piece of armor :Refined Iron: = Iron piece of armor
    Pants: :Copper Ingot: :Iridium: :Refined Iron: so here would be leather pants and iron pants
    aaaaa :Iridium: aa :Iridium:
    aaaaa :Iridium: aa :Iridium:

    Helmet: :Copper Ingot: :Iridium: :Refined Iron: Leather helm and Iron helm
    aaaaaa :Iridium: aaa :Iridium:

    Boots: :Copper Ingot: aa :Refined Iron: Leather Boots and Iron boots
    aaaaa :Iridium: aa :Iridium:

    PS: Sorry about all the A's