Bug: Powering charged MFE with Bat-Pack = unlimited energy

  • While powering my miners with an MFE I found a little bug:
    If you put a charged Bat-Pack in the lower slot of a fully charged MFE, the MFE will output power, without draining energy from the Bat-Pack or its internal storage.
    I tested this with 16, 32 and 64 EU/s output and it is not only if you power miners, even linking the output to another MFE works, so you basically have an unlimited 64 EU/s power supply, you just need 120.000EU to start with.

    EDIT: Forgot to add I have IC 8.50

  • A little update:
    I managed to deplete some of the MFE/Bat-Pack combos. This is quite random, usually they work flawless (if you can call it that way^^), but some drain the Bat-Pack.

    Edit: I just load the world again and the Bat-Packs are depleted, before I left they were working.

  • Hi i created unofficial hotfix for this bug.
    I used MCP 4.3 for decompile, fix bug and recompile source code.

    And here is hotfix for this bug: http://www.mediafire.com/?rpvgm58eack5cm0
    This hotfix is for IC 8.50 and MC 1.7.3 SSP. Yes only for SSP, because i use IC mod only in SSP, and i don't create fix for SMP.

    1) Download TileEntityTransmit.class from link above
    2) Copy this file into minecraft.jar and overwrite original file from IndustrialCraft.

    For Alblaka, here is my changes in source code:

    P.S. Sorry for my english.

  • Ow, i've heard about this bug before, but everything posted in the MCF thread was quite unclear and rather sounded like people not knowing what they were doing.
    Thinking about it, yes, if the MFE has less then 75 power need, it can draw energy from the MFE indefinitely... will be fixed.

  • And you obviously didn't think too long before posting that, I posted the bug report, Aiden confirmed it and then it was added to the known bugs post...