Understanding Uran "strings" - science analisys

  • Hello all! This one created by Nihil (Minecraft name Proso) in awe of scientific power of learning how to understand reactors.

    Uranium STRINGS
    1) Definition of Uran String
    2) Theoretical knowledge
    3) images
    4) Equations

    1) Uran string - as it I define all uranium fuel cells (called later: Ucells) inside nuclear raector that is connected to maximum of two another cells. That is: no Ucell can be connected to 3 or more Ucells. Those called strings, as it goes like snake or a spider string.

    2) I began to interest in this from very beginning of becoming Nuclear Engineer: How to create Eff between 2-3 reactor?
    Of course, the uran string! This one begins with only 2 cells (called later: border Ucell) and can be expanded with K of another ucells (inside Ucell). It is of course possible to create loop of cells, where are no border cells (that only connets to one cell) but are all connected, like a circle or square instead of line.
    It made me study it. And it seems its quite interesting on its own. This can be written as equations and may be easy to contain.
    Thats funny that even closed squares of cells are strings, but a bit different.

    3) http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/198/lol1112.jpg/
    Image of types of strings. Notice 4-string-square of Ucells is also a square string

    4) Equations: (non square, 2 border cells)
    K = 2-TUC (inside cells = 2 - total Uranium cells in string)
    3*K + 4 = EU generated by string
    (3K+4)/(K+2) = Efficency of string
    30K + 40 = Maximum heat string can give
    24(K+1) = Minimum heat string can produce (fully covering string)

    As we can see. Its awesome:
    The string efficency is always equal or greater than 2 and can never be equal or more than 3 [mathematical language: 2=<Eff<3]
    And heat? It grows heat in linear function: 24(k+1)

    ADVANTAGES: You can now easily calculate strings!
    Low-Medium Effectiveness of 2 up to 3
    4 cells is 2,5 eff
    Non-formatted text, no graphs (I wanted to add them!)
    Heat grows very fast the more Ucells are in string.
    The more cells the less eff gain.

    Thank You. Sorry its crap quality but I am too lazy and Mathcad dont want to cooperate well...