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    I assure NO parts melts, even single one.
    I just got idea to put heat dispensers in neighbourhood of 2 plates, to prevent those situations (my projects before had there cooling cells, and they had to be replaced).

    Demork: Nice simplification, but it relies on external cooling. Mine is 9001% safe regardless of external conditions. Just use my design ;]
    And... Does not melt, only thing You could call that is melting is uranium cell (making EU :P)

    Why nothing melts? Sometimes I watch reactor (just for sure), even if it was about to end cycle, everything had nice green bar or even no bar at all :D
    Why doesn't melt seriously? Heat dispensers: Are damn awesome. Its just made to balance heat among EVERY SINGLE damn component. It is impossible to melt one part. None of them melts or whole reactor goes down :] Thats the magic, bro!

    Now I am thinking about external cooling too. I already calculated that... 6 chambered reactor + water around it (where it works, that is 3x3 area around main chamber only) is 33 heat dispensing. Replacing chamber with water makes it one heat point more (ex. 3 chamber reactor + water is 30 cooling).
    Its 1 point of cooling per water, 2 per chamber and 1 is reactor itself. So its 1+20+6*2 = 33 (just do 3*3*3 is 27 and subtract reactor and 6 chambers, 20 water must surround).
    I used it in theoretical Eff 3 reactor. It seems legit and even cools down! 3 chambers and 12kk total ;]…CHCCPCCCCXCCHCHCCXCXCCHCX

    Reactor + 6 chambers. Total of: 12 Integrated reactor plating, 9 Integrated heat dispenser, 26 Coling cells
    Highest EU per cycle: 4kk, Uranium cells used: 2, Efficiency: 2 (Class C)
    Heat/Cool Surplus: -3.2 not counting outside cooling. As it does not generate heat and cools on its own its Mark I-I reactor.
    Cost-to-gain ratio: Bad. It uses a lot of heat dispensers, platings and uses 6 chambers only giving Efficency of 2 and 4kk EU.
    Safety: 100% safe (not mentioning intentional removal of cooling or pouring lava into reactor leading to critical meltdown)
    Tested: Working all right.
    Upgrade capabilities: Possible upgrade to design making it more cost-effective.
    Constructor: Proso, Me, Nihil (all one person). Using Liko2k private (somewhat UTS [see star-wars combine]) server and some of materials mined by him.

    Expansive but save and sound. No external cooling needed. No overseeing needed (only to put extra uranium).
    It got totally different name, but that name is offending (relating to nuclear catastrophic event) and thou shalt not be used officially.

    Just insert one uranium cell and surround it from its 4 sides with coolant cell. No heat gain at all but worst effectiveness. Can use it as multiple modules within one reactor (make sure to not connect any coolant cells to more than 1 uranium, though they can be near other coolant cells).

    Or if You dont want to waste precious uranium, do this: (3 chambered, cover with water if possible):…CCCHCCHXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    Its EXPANSIVE but cools for enough to generate only 3 heat. 4kk total it effectiveness rating is 2.
    those 3 heat over 10000 ticks is 30k heat over 120k Total hull (those cool plates can store up heat from hull) so it can run at least 4 cycles before major cooling will be needed. Or just leave it for 24 minutes to cool down after a cycle to make it return to 0 heat.
    Covered in water may generate no heat at all.

    EDIT: Guy above me posted nice reactor too. Just research a bit! :D

    As of marks: I dont know them too and I am fine.
    Heat/cool surplus (H/C) is thingy that shows You if Your reator will heat up (H/C is positive value like 5, 11), cool down (H/C is less than 0, like -5) or just stay at 0. That means no heat and no cooling. Perfect for breeders.

    Hello all! This one created by Nihil (Minecraft name Proso) in awe of scientific power of learning how to understand reactors.

    Uranium STRINGS
    1) Definition of Uran String
    2) Theoretical knowledge
    3) images
    4) Equations

    1) Uran string - as it I define all uranium fuel cells (called later: Ucells) inside nuclear raector that is connected to maximum of two another cells. That is: no Ucell can be connected to 3 or more Ucells. Those called strings, as it goes like snake or a spider string.

    2) I began to interest in this from very beginning of becoming Nuclear Engineer: How to create Eff between 2-3 reactor?
    Of course, the uran string! This one begins with only 2 cells (called later: border Ucell) and can be expanded with K of another ucells (inside Ucell). It is of course possible to create loop of cells, where are no border cells (that only connets to one cell) but are all connected, like a circle or square instead of line.
    It made me study it. And it seems its quite interesting on its own. This can be written as equations and may be easy to contain.
    Thats funny that even closed squares of cells are strings, but a bit different.

    Image of types of strings. Notice 4-string-square of Ucells is also a square string

    4) Equations: (non square, 2 border cells)
    K = 2-TUC (inside cells = 2 - total Uranium cells in string)
    3*K + 4 = EU generated by string
    (3K+4)/(K+2) = Efficency of string
    30K + 40 = Maximum heat string can give
    24(K+1) = Minimum heat string can produce (fully covering string)

    As we can see. Its awesome:
    The string efficency is always equal or greater than 2 and can never be equal or more than 3 [mathematical language: 2=<Eff<3]
    And heat? It grows heat in linear function: 24(k+1)

    ADVANTAGES: You can now easily calculate strings!
    Low-Medium Effectiveness of 2 up to 3
    4 cells is 2,5 eff
    Non-formatted text, no graphs (I wanted to add them!)
    Heat grows very fast the more Ucells are in string.
    The more cells the less eff gain.

    Thank You. Sorry its crap quality but I am too lazy and Mathcad dont want to cooperate well...

    Actually firefox is *same thing that goes from Your bottom* because its *procreationally* slow piece of lagging, ram-eating junk.

    Yes, I use firefox. Yes, I want different browser. No, I am to lazy to do that + downloading list on ff and my passwords and things are cool.

    Thats all, thank You.

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    when: 1 07 2011 20:22 (d, m, y, date)

    Whats inside:

    I ask, what is this.

    EDIT: I dont belive its true, Also: tons of confirmation email? For what.
    Until its true mail I claim that sender is not Feanturi but some moron.

    So, heres a device I'd love to see:

    Inverted switch cable/relay.

    That thingy could be the opposite of switch cables, making wiring to mashines a lot easier.
    The concept is this: Standart cable divides power in half if meet more than one way. But will melt if it is divided into more than 2 lanes.
    Swich cables can connect power from 4/5 lanes into single one.

    Aand... Inverted switch cable (power divider) would get energy from one side, and split it into 4/5 to each lane!

    Summary: If we can combine power from up to 5 lanes at once, why we cant split it into more than 2? (could udnerstand splitting onto 3...)
    Advantages: Less space-using machinery wired to mte's
    Disadvantages: More work on IC code

    Could be same as switch cable, but instead of lever, it would be redstone torch.

    yup. At least I finally got my client downgraded back to 1.6.6, but I noticed some odd issues with that. For example I can walk across live HV lines and not get damaged from it, and another example on SSP is the EC manipulator is not reporting currents from HV lines (I want to stress that is on Single Player).

    1) I could use that too, Dont know is it error or something, but You must get sure HV line is working, and wait?
    2) HV lines sends one shot of 2k EU, instead of standard lines which tends to send continuus stream, I belive either HV not working or You missed the moment.
    A reminder: 2HV, connect input like MTE (EU comming from sides, HV going from Top/bottom), on output its same, but HV comes from side, and normal voltage comes top/bottom, If I belive properly, theres handy and nice video on wiki about that which would be more accurate. But still, HV gathers 2000 EU and sends it as one packet, so catching it with current tool is rather rare and luck. Instead, try observing some redstone-like puffs around cable, or walk on it. Or just check if MTE on end is reciving power.

    I tried to use newset modloaders with current IC, sadly, It didnt work, black screen, albo some problems on server (didnt got details form admin).
    While trying to connect to server with modloadermp (this unofficial one) having client with risigumi and modloadermp it made strange error.

    Seems we need to wait for Mr. Albaka to get us newest Mr. IC

    As of 7.20,
    We can observe our lovely mte shows wrong value as much as mostly wrong number.
    EDIT: Great apology if I putted this in wrong section.... I thought I was making this on suggestion forums :S
    I recalled story from Starsiege: Tribes and Bovidi's TVT (epic mod), if I recall it good, that game also used 16bit to communicate.
    And... on that mod it happened if You had very much of items, the game showed "power to" (eg. 5,12531e+5). The creator of mod fixed it clientside making small script to tell game to change those settings.

    So heres my small tip (or even useless, Im not a programmer). When mte reaches its peak of 16bit value, when going on minus, a client-side script would check if power on mte is larger than max value (32k), and on yes, do proper math things to show client-side correct number. Or even, a simpler, if received value <0 just to change bug value to correct one via math equation. and of this 3k output, I think its just incorrect number on MTE properties?

    I've experienced MSFU is bugged too, but instead of standard bug like above, it resets its output to 0 when reached another limitation (this time from negative value).
    This would require server-side patch to add additional 30/50/60k count. And except the standard EU storage, it would send (player-invisible) count showing how many times it gone back to 0 EU and started over fill itself (for client-side). The client-side script would catch that value, multiply it back by 30/50 or 60k and add the rest which didnt fit (and changing if needed negative value to positive).

    I think that would prove good work-around on those choke'y 16bit. Since I think no one understands me, I allow myself to pseudo-script.

    MTE: " going to -32768 EU once it reaches 32768 EU" // -5536 = 60000
    Client receiving >=0 EU form MTE => Do nothing/Show that number.
    Client receiving <0 EU from MTE => Do this equation: ( 2*32768 )+(recived negative value) => Show result as EU count. //Tadah! 2*32768-5536 gives 60000. Hoorah!

    Example: it have 1845500 EU. Server additionally (not instead of standard, to not brake EU sending things). will calculate it as:
    X/30k = 61.516667 => 61X + 15500.01 EU (where X is 30000 but server should operate on X) and send 2 values: 15500.01 and 61.
    Client requested EU value in MSFU. instead of getting looped 16bit values. It would revice that numbers above.
    And transform it back: 61X + 15500.01 -> transform X back to 30k -> 61*30k + 15500.01 => 1845500.01 => MAGNIFICENT!

    Much simpler thing: If 16 bit can handle such numbers: let it change EU to "power of" ive told You on beggining: make this 1845500 = 1,845500 * 10^6.
    PC language: 1,8455+e6. Number of power should be sent as X, and client reciving this would get 2 numbers: 1,8455 and 6, making 1,8455 *10^6 => guess what? :>

    I am pretty sure You guys are smarter than me but I just wanted to suggest a little work on code, efficent fix. The side effects are probably little more lag (sending 2 values instead of 1 and on MSFU it have to hold and calculate additional value X and its rest). But I think this could work. I would fix MTE myself if I'd have required Java knowlegde...

    Hope this will help a bit... If not, damn...

    If one can read some setup instructions, its possible to have nano on multi. In fact, I had it.
    Now we had to disable it because it kept randomly disappearing if recived damage. A total waste of many coal and diamonds.

    If its officially disabled for multi it could explain no adv. nano features + disappearing...

    7.20, nice experiment...

    Id say making nano-suit is expansive, especially in multi. Well, mind If I tell myself theres annoying bug making nano-suit disappear
    (Not only Adv. Nanohelmet faked air suplly and made me almost drown, but damaging suit (falling, creeps) make suit disappear...)

    Question, how much bugs and weirdos does Nano-Suit have?
    As of newest 7.20

    Somewhere on internetz Ive read nano-suit is very bugged, well, experimental, that is. But my question is, how much is it bugged? Does it damages game/saves, or just crashes game, doing weird things?

    A pandora box, should I open?

    So. Hello all, I would like to share some ideas I think fit into world:
    1. Silver - As we know (or not) in RL we use various cables: gold, silver and copper, while gold is bad "elecrtical guide" (dont know translation, but I mean the material ability to conduct electricity), but its more resistant to environment, copper is good, but lacks that ability. But whats most interesting: Silver is better at conducting electricity than copper.
    Thats why I came for idea to produce improved cable made out of siver, that is.
    Its quality could allow for more stable current, translating to in-game: making it lose less EU over distance. What is troubling - Silver is not as good heat-giver, and its more fragile than copper, not being able to survive HV for example.
    Also, it could be used for other means, who knows what?

    2. I ask: Why copper and tin are hard to mine even with diamond pickaxe? As far as my knowledge leads: It should be easier to mine than gold...

    3. Heat/Nail Gun - Why not have a gun? Bow and swords are too less industrial, eh? So, here it is: OUCH Type Micro Hand-held Heat/Nail Cannon! Model code: LOLHURT
    Depending on coders: it would use energy to fire bolts of heat, making poor target have trouble! or shoot nails to make them suffer, or even ignite the infidel on (short) fire, damn, I want that!
    Whats the drawback? Overheat? Use of iron/bronze to create ammo? Big EU usage? I dont know... But either would work,
    ATTENTION: Highly suggestive item, too many options to make it...
    Possible recipe: A good battery, some good heating materials, something to shoot?

    4. Automated transit-lines. Ya know, I am Automation and Robotics Student, w/e I am on first year and learning basics, I already know that Automated industry is key to efficiency! (Yes, my speciality will be Industrial Automation). So why not use my (basic) knowledge to make something... Automated?

    The overall idea is that: There is transit machine with transit lanes. Depend on configuration: Moving items/fluids in pipes based on miner. Machine uses EU to produce magnetic field that pushes things from A to B. And even have more advanced use: Drawing and Inserting items/fluids to other machines!
    Did You dream of automatic cable production? Of putting wood and copper ore in one chest, and receiving cables on second!? I did too!
    Example: Imgagine HV Transmitters, but transporting items, not eu. Connected to chests/machines.
    Chest --> (side) Transmitter --> transmit lane --> (top/bottom) Transmitter --> Machine --> Transmitter --> lane --> transmitter --> chest.
    Thats how You put iron in chest A, and its macereted and dust goes to chest 2. Or maybe longer lane including two furnaces?

    Side effects: Draws EU, limited lane length, possible transit speed of water?, semi-expansive (reducing lazy ppl).
    Well, I bet auto-transit was suggested, but maybe not or this Idea would be still original by method?
    Recipe: Lane of glass and cables and quality carbon plates?, transmitters would require multiple CPU power, complicated machinery and plates too.

    I am thinking of elevators, and mineral scanner (would force valuable ore to emit certain sound, more ore//player closer = louder) also Flying vechicle (made of jetpacks, eating lots of fuel but having space and speed?)

    Ahh, my imagination feels amused!