Support Request: SMP issues with bat-pack and Reinforced Door

  • I have a SMP server up and we came across two issues with the bat-pack and the Reinforced Door, first whenever you equip the bat-pack to your chest slot it crashes to the background you see when you first start minecraft and whenever you try to disconnect and relog it goes back to the same screen the only solution is to delete the characters file and reimburse the items they have lost. The reinforced door doesn't seem to open when you place a button next to it and use it, the same goes for the lever and pressure plate. I have tried to reload the mod as well as Flan's MP Mod Loader and I'm open to any suggestions thanks.

  • I haven't had that issue with the Bat-Pack at all, what version of IC are you running?

    As for the doors I noticed the same thing, but if I stepped on a pressure plate then clicked on the door like a regular one it would open.

  • Well the 8.55 patch solved the door issue but the bat-pack issue still happens it also does in in single player so I hope this helps

  • I re-read the FAQ and I have found what I was being an idiot about thanks for all of your help and great mod btw cant wait until IC2