[Suggestion] Radioactive Waste

  • I'm not really sure if this falls into the denied suggestions ideas since this isnt radiation nor radiation steam, however if it does then delete this thread.

    My idea is every so often the nuclear reactor would corrupt some water around it into radioactive waste which must be removed or it will drasitcally heat up the reactor. It could be removed with a buckit or a block similar to a pump from a miner, which would store it into radioactive cells, theese could be destroyed in the recycler or by some other way (cant think of a better way) or they could be used similar to a lava buckit to heat up the reactor, or they could be emptied into a buckit to be used to make mob traps, anything inside the radioactive waste would either be mutated or damaged, an example is if a pig enters the waste it turns into a zombie pigman, in the same way lightning morphs pigs.

    Of course it seems like this is all a downside so why would anyone want radioactive waste? Well it might also be usefull, with the pump you could instantly remove it so it doesnt really have a downside if your water source blocks are high above the reactor, so you could use the radioactive cells to heat up the reactor, usefull for breeding uranium or getting the heat up cheaply (since it is a renewable source) for increased EU/t. It would act like lava in the aspect it flows slowly and doesn't travel far, as well as it cant be made infinate with 2 source blocks.

    Another idea is a radioactive cell could be mixed with a rubber sheet to form a radioactive sheet, it would slow things a bit more than rubber and damage anything that walks over it.

    If radioactive waste is in direct contact with wood it will slowly erode it, like fire. Maybe it would do the same to stone, so something like obsidian would be needed to contain it in mob traps.

  • That would break many reactor designs

    How so? If the pump-type block removes the radioactive waste block instantly then the water source blocks would just refil that slot, the pump wouldn't necessarily have to be next to the reactor itself, but one of the chambers.

  • Then nobody will use water anymore because you have to babysit all the time to replace the water block or having tons of pumps from every possible angle to remove the waste.. If this comes ingame it should only happen at meltdowns it should not happen with a perfectly functioning reactor.

  • You can make it like it will shootout the waste as a item MinecraftSlime , when its good working it will happen less many times but if you haven't set it up right it will happen a lot.
    Then you have a other item (waste) as a item in game, many thinks you can do with that.

    That item can posion you if you pick it up, it can change blocks that are neer that item (inside you :Reactor: ) to some other block (less strong) like mossycobble stone.
    Lots of thinks that i can come up with this :P

  • Then nobody will use water anymore because you have to babysit all the time to replace the water block or having tons of pumps from every possible angle to remove the waste.. If this comes ingame it should only happen at meltdowns it should not happen with a perfectly functioning reactor.

    Well i didnt say this would be exactly like a pump, maybe when linked to a reactor/chamber it will check blocks around the reactor in a 3x3 for radioactive waste then remove it

  • always wondered why there's no radiation, but i guess it's just uses alot of shielding
    RW is actually something working and stable reactor should not produce since waste in RL reactors is mostly depleted fuel rods
    if any waste should be produced it's RWater (slowly converts existing water starting from 80% heat to meltdown probly, whole buch of it on reactor meltdown, not destroyed by it,probly act as efficient as air in cooling) and RGas (starting to appear on 50% heat , deal damage to creatures, mechanics probly the same as methane in FiniteLiquid)
    Actual solid RW should replace the fuel cells once they're depleted exept the case they turn into depleted isotope cells for breeders
    Maybe give use to those waste cells, like efficient amplifier of MassFab? Cant think of anything else right now

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  • I actually like this idea, I was moreso thinking however it'd be nice if IC2 supported a liquid water cooling system with BC pipes. So that you could pump water straight into the reactor (which is a meter) and then it builds up radiated water on the same meter as it "converts the water" into radioactive water (so it looks part-part green water, blue water). This must be pumped out of the reactor with liquid pipes from BC and either dumped somewhere (Tanks, or literally just flat pumped out at a location). The water in a reactor would function similar to water being outside the reactor (and not inclusive, so either you have water outside of it, or inside of it, no bonus from both)

    Radioactive Water could be damaging if you wanted, or just be annoying and worthless imo.

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  • but wouldn't it be nice that if explode a nuke it would dump radoactive waste around the map so the crater will be radioactive.
    and you need some kind of liquid to remove it. and you will have a weather suit that ignores radiation damage for a couple of min.

  • just have all fuel cells that dont turn into nearly-depleted cells turn into depleted fuel rods that will do nothing at all (unless dropped on the ground, then they explode like a TNT, using dynamite mechanics.)

  • Nuc waste. A green slime that gives off toxic gas. Need a hazmat suit to be near and a bucket-like item to pick it up. Bucket item would be expensive so it can't be picked up and thrown away. Radio waste would need to be stored somewhere like real waste. Have a slot on the Nuc GUI for radio waste and if it goes up over 100 the reactor stops. Something like that. Probs never get in tho.

    There's no radiation because, I believe, the AoE detection needed for it would eat cpu for breakfast.
    Wonder if it could be coded like water and lava...except not respond to gravity and look like normal air or something? The source block would be a visable green goop and the flow blocks look like air. Would be detected however the avatar detects that it's in lava/water.
    Wonder if that could be done for gases. Someone wanted smog I think