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    Yea, creator of Metallurgy here.

    Compatibility with IC2 is paramount and we were about to launch our main version and just didn't want to launch and not have it working properly. If its a problem on IC2's side we can simply just launch and wait for them to eventually fix it however, we were afraid it was an issue on our side. At first we thought IC2 just didn't declare the dusts (as there was no real reason to that we could tell).

    I'm curious and doing research for some future addon work.

    What are the power storage amounts and mining speeds of the base mining drill and diamond tipped? I know that the storage for the base drill is supposedly 10,000 according to wiki, but the rest of the information is missing.

    2 main issues of 1.2:

    -Golems can be turned into an infinite high-yield iron farm. Full inven in ~20 minutes, if set up properly.
    -New ID range makes us consider moving all out blocks to a new ID-set, effectly ruining old saves unless converted. Jeb said something about an official Map converter, probably need to check that one out.

    Mind if I ask about the Golem farm part? I don't know much about the golems yet (can't view information on them at work).

    I'm intending to implement new metal golems for each of my metals however, so I need to know how to avoid the infinite aspects of it. (and possibly manually edit the Iron ones to not have the infinite aspect)

    I'm sorry but why is this bad for us? Bukkit being the team in charge of the new server.jar shouldn't effect any Forge mod in any drastic way. The only real "change" is that Forge will have to rewrite its SMP/SSP core to support the new jar.

    Right now the server.jar doesn't do anything towards protecting from griefing, managing permissions, or provide any kind of security functions or anti-hacking, something Bukkit has always provided. Integration of Bukkit into Mojang should be heralded as a blessing for everyone, whether you think they or Spout should've gotten in doesn't matter, the fact that SOMEONE is dedicated to eradicating these issues in the core server.jar on an official level is a boon regardless.

    In every server I've run I've never had a bad experience with Bukkit, and I don't honestly have anything but the highest hopes for it. They literally cannot do worse than what Notch did with the base server.jar.

    I privy to believe the reason they pursued both the 4096 blockIDs and the 256 world height was to mildly integrate two popular mods (the 4096 blockID mod and the extended heights mods) into the base game. Both of them are functionalities that should've existed awhile ago, and its nice to see them finally added.

    It gives us mod creators plenty of room to work with, which is nice.

    jeb is awesome ^^

    Best Update since 1.7.3
    nobody needs the magic crap that was added in 1.8/1.1 :P


    I'm not even gay but I'd kiss Carl Manneh on the lips for this announcement. This gives us so much room for activities.

    Use 2-3 blocks of water on the end of the jump?

    Hmm yea I never thought about that lol

    Small hint. Dig a deep, very deep hole. At the end of the hole place one piece of Ladder. No just jump on this small piece of ladder. Thanks to the removal of the collision-box you can jump on a ladder from any high... we again seems somehow broken. Normally you crush on top of the ladder and die.

    Until next patch, then you die.

    That's practically a word-for-word description of the iron fence + magnetizer.

    Never used it.

    Jep, mate of mine in university first complained about the hitbox being removed (fell "through" a ladder he wanted to walk on, resulting in death).
    Moving to pre-release of MC 1.2, he died again, dropped down a shaft and hit a ladders edge on the botton.

    Mojang needs to stop doing these things, people die.

    I wish they'd just add an Iron Ladder that allows faster climbing or something, as it stands the trip down a vertical shaft involves jumping them attempting to wall cling before you hit the bottom, and then a slow, tedious, climb back to the top.

    I'm glad the hitbox for ladders is returning however, I've fallen out of my balcony through the ladder too much as of late because of that change.

    I received a bug report about diamond drills not being able to mine your ores properly. Did you add proper harvest levels using Forge?

    Replying to this so others in the thread can see (since I already answered on IRC)

    This is an issue on my side due to the fact my mod overhauls mining levels, I hadn't considered other mining tools in other mods (since the number of mods adding new digging implements is usually kinda low unless its another ore mod) I'll be addressing this asap (I'll try to get an updated version of this addon out that'll fix it, then the support will be fixed in 1.3 regardless)

    We're always discussing new possibilities of things to do with the metals, the issue is I'm trying to keep the blockID usage down (I already use 3 per metal set). Right now we're looking at adding a machine for every metal "set", so Base Metals for example would have a Copper, Bronze, Iron, and Steel Furnace which would work faster than base, Precious Metals would get new chests you could craft that are much larger than base chests, etc. Those aren't enough to remedy the problem of more uses to a massive extent, but I figure its a start.

    1.3 is also getting some basic recipes with the metals, so Buckets, Shears, and Rails will be craftable with the metals (but will output various amounts of Rails based on which metal used) and a few other bits.

    Its kinda hard to find consumable usages for all of them, but we're trying.

    I can't actually edit or modify RP gemstones, so there's not much I can do there, as well as Elo's code being so tightly guarded I can't really do an "override" like I can with other things sadly. With IC2 Drills I might do an override system where the normal base drill will be about the same, but have the mining level of Iron or Steel, then Diamond Tipping it will increase its speed. Then there would be more Drills available of higher tiers that you can obtain (and also Diamond Tip) which would have higher base power storage and faster base mining speed/mining levels so that way they can increase your access to various ores.

    Its a tricky thing to balance honestly, but ideas are in abundance and time as well.…on-v123mod-updated-12212/

    A simple recipe list that allows Metallurgy Ores/Bars to be macerated by the IC2 Macerators into Metallurgy Dusts at a 1:2 rate for ores and a 1:1 rate for bars. Drop it in your Mods folder and go.

    If you hit the NoClassDef error on run, simply add "z" to the beginning of the mod file's name.

    Requires Metallurgy and Industrialcraft 2.

    Special thanks to the IC2 crew since the API rocks =D


    For additional compatibility changes, please refer to the file "IC2.cfg" in your config folder and change the following values.

    # Enable generation of copper in the world
       # Enable generation of tin in the world
       # List of valuable ores the miner should look for. Comma separated, format is id-metadata:value where value should be at least 1 to be considered by the miner
       valuableOres=14:3, 15:4, 16:1, 21:3, 56:5, 73:3, 125-0:1, 125-1:2, 125-2:3, 125-3:4, 125-4:5, 128-0:3, 128-1:4, 128-2:6, 131-0:5, 131-1:6, 131-2:7, 131-3:8, 131-4:9, 131-5:10, 131-6:11, 131-7:12, 131-8:13, 134-0:5, 134-1:6, 134-2:7, 134-3:8, 134-4:9, 134-5:10, 134-6:11, 134-7:12, 134-8:13, 134-9:14

    *Note: The IDs listed for the Valuable Ores the miner should look for is for 1.3pr+ version ores.

    There should be no need. If he modifies them this would be enough.

    Actually it should be possible to give tools certain abilities. And thought there even was a mod out there doing this. Maybe EU-Recovery is an option? So that the drill slowly recovers.

    EU "Regeneration" would be an interesting thing actually, I'd imagine it'd be akin to a Solar Cell on the device.

    I almost think that'd be a whole new drill though, using a normal drill and a Solar Cell, and if you're in the sun it'll (very) slowly charge.