[Suggestion] Power Beamer

  • Earlier today I was building a secure anti-nuke bunker- accessible only via teleport and running off a combination of dedicated solar power lines and nuclear power when it occurred to me that if we can pay energy to teleport mass, why can't we teleport energy?

    Ideally this would be a top tier energy converter- maybe made of a teleporter and a HV transformer or something along those lines, which would take power from its input faces and teleport it out its output face to a linked Power Beamer.

    Obviously these machines wouldn't work for people, but otherwise they'd function similarly to teleporters allowing for the transfer of energy over large distances where massive wiring arrays would otherwise be impractical.

    More importantly, such a device would allow for the use of truly 'closed' bunkers or the like, receiving exterior power from secure sites.

  • way too sci-fi if you ask me
    and from ingame perspective - this thing should have teleport costs as well,making it pretty wasteful

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  • You can teleport EUs right now, but not natively in IC2.

    You need:

    Additional pipes (teleport pipes)
    power crystal's Power converter > converts ic to bc and bc to ic

    Here's how it works. Solar panel > cable > power link > teleport pipe > teleport pipe > engine generator > cable > batbox/mfe/mfs. There is a little more to it than that, but that's the jist.

    This enables you to have solar panels one place, and use the EU's anywhere you please. If you have buildcraft, you can power your quarries with solar power. It's amazing.

  • I don't think this seems too "sci-fi" but rather a little alteration/refinement is all that's needed.

    What about a laser emitter/receiver blocks instead?

    Allows up to HV input and can store up to 1M EU. When supplied with redstone, the unit remains in the 'off' state (so that it is 'on' as default when placed). When the unit is put in the 'on' state (when placed or redstone first supplied), it will wait until it has 10,000 EU stored first (threshold, mainly for lag purposes, but can be seen as the warming phase of the laser unit), at which point it switches to the 'ready' state. At the 'ready' state, the unit will attempt to use 600 EU/t in order to emit a 512EU beam on its output face (yes, a 14% loss due to cooling costs). If the unit ever dips below 600 EU in the 'ready' state, it will switch to the 'on' state and wait for the threshold again. A wrench can be used to orient the blocks emitter direction, all other faces are power input.

    I was thinking of a design that requires compressing a solar panel, but that would make no sense logically speaking, so instead the pattern should require multiple solar panels and glass (to act like a prism) in a TNT type setup (this is to make it expensive but not entirely impossible or unrealistic). It has a collection face that can be oriented with the wrench, and when hit with a beam, it will supply power (or store up to 40,000 EU locally...aka the 4 batteries used in the solar panel design). When it reaches above 80% power (32,000 EU) in 'empty' state, it switches to 'full' state and emits a redstone signal, and when it reaches below 20% power (8,000 EU) in 'full' state, it switches to 'empty' state and stops emitting a redstone signal. These state switches are an option for those who use redstone emitters to converse a signal in order to turn on/off the emitter (excess 'beams' of power are wasted if the collector is full).

    A beam can be either a dedicated block (similar to the force field) or simply a visual one (similar to buildcraft's marker lines). I suggest the latter for lag reasons (creating/destroying/moving blocks in SMP constantly could be a problem, while a visual change is done client-side). Further, the lag can be reduced by placing emitters in a queue and doing a small check each tick rather than constantly forcing MC to update blocks. Pseudo-code would look something like this:

    Because the beam emits 512EU, it can be considered low...so no harm will come to you or critters that cross it. To expand on this idea, you could introduce KEU beams or MEU beams that would kill things or even destroy landscape.

  • /\ AWESOME idea I would add it but I would want the beams to be able to pass through common block aka dirt gravel sand and stone maybe I would surrport this if you codeed it =)

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