DokuCraft - IC2 v1.95b( 32x32) (Remake by Amilman)Dark,Hight UPDATE!!

  • Got bored, it's 5.a.m., don't ask.

    The HV 2X insulation texture (one in the middle) is not completely finished, needs that gold ring to be fixed.

  • Hello Amilman!

    There are some things, I think you missed :D
    Slimetextures MinecraftSlime, some black dots at the rotten flesh and the diamond drill.
    I only found them in the dark texture, hope they are not in the other one. But I love your remake and till now the best IC² Tp I found :D


  • For IC2 1.97 will port soon, товарищ?) :)

    Yep, I am from Russia, and yep, my english isn't good enough...
    So if.. if you dare to laugh of me, I.. I will find you and destroy with all our Soviet nuclear bombs, bwahahaha!
    Naah, I'm just kidding ^^ ... not. :|

  • Hiya :)
    A excellent texture pack, with dokucraft it really turns the world alive! Just one problem, seems like there is no texture for the following list of items:

    - Iron scaffold
    - debug item
    - weed ex
    - grin powder
    - zero (thats what its called :p )
    - watery soup brew
    - rum
    - empty booze barrel
    - 1/2/3/4L booze barrel
    - hops
    - cold/dark coffee
    - stone mug
    - coffee powder
    - coffee beans
    - terra wart
    - solar helmet
    - TFBP Flatification
    - small pile of iron dust
    - Rubber wood (not the wood itself, but only wood where resin grows from. I have a number of rubber trees which look invisible from one side)

    These things appear invisible in my inventory and NEI. Would appriciate if there was a substitute. I was going to use another texture pack, but it would have cut through some of your work.
    thanks :)