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    Ok, thanks for your replies. I've reinstated my previous installation, the one which worked, but with the dogy water and lava textures. I then replaced the previous optifine installation with the one I downloaded today and all is well. A real mind bender I must admit! Thanks again

    Modloader is now already Part of Forge, so no need to install Modloader.

    Ah my bad then.

    Ok. This is what I did from a clean install. I put in forge, then optifine in that order. Placed dokucraft in the texture packs folder and fired it up. For a few seconds it looked like everything was as it should, however it then crashed with no log (just black screen). any subsequent startups crash when loading

    I'm trying to do a clean install of MC with industrial craft, buildcraft and a few others. So far I have installed modloader and optifine with no issues (in the order specified on the wiki). Before installing MCforge I tested out the texture pack I had chosen (dokucraft 1.2.5) and without mcpatcher or any other intervention, the textures loaded up perfectly without an issue. I then installed mcforge (moved everything in the rar to the MC.jar) and fired up MC to see that HD textures has been disabled (ie water is just plain blue; lava is plain red) with no fire or particles. Optifines ability for zooming in with the ctrl key has also been removed.

    My previous MC copy had this problem as well and I didn't really care then, however I would like to have it working as it should now. Not sure how I can fix this :(

    EDIT: I also cannot patch to HD using MCpatcher as even though the patcher is the correct version of my minecraft, it says that MC is a old version. The HD option is greyed out.

    Hiya :)
    A excellent texture pack, with dokucraft it really turns the world alive! Just one problem, seems like there is no texture for the following list of items:

    - Iron scaffold
    - debug item
    - weed ex
    - grin powder
    - zero (thats what its called :p )
    - watery soup brew
    - rum
    - empty booze barrel
    - 1/2/3/4L booze barrel
    - hops
    - cold/dark coffee
    - stone mug
    - coffee powder
    - coffee beans
    - terra wart
    - solar helmet
    - TFBP Flatification
    - small pile of iron dust
    - Rubber wood (not the wood itself, but only wood where resin grows from. I have a number of rubber trees which look invisible from one side)

    These things appear invisible in my inventory and NEI. Would appriciate if there was a substitute. I was going to use another texture pack, but it would have cut through some of your work.
    thanks :)