Suggestion: Advanced Electric Wrench

  • Name:
    Advanced Electric Wrench

    This is an upgrade to the Electric Wrench, but with a precision head made from diamonds so you dont strip the bolts holding your machine down and break the machine. The wrench also contains an EC meter to control the torque of the wrench so not to over tighten those bolts.

    This device removes the random chance to break a machine when moving it.



    W = Electric Wrench
    D = Diamond
    E = EC Meter
    o = Empty

  • Nope, the breaking chance is a fully intended game concept to make moving around unprofitable.

    That really does disappoint me, there's me playing the game for fun, not making some kind of eco-profit. I appreciate this on some open servers but would it be possible to enable/disable this 'feature' in the config as I and many others don't enjoy the feature and use this mod for fun rather than RP which is essentially what you're saying this feature is intended for.

    Thanks for the consideration and initial if unpalatable response.


  • why everybody is so obsessed with chance to destroy an item? it's barely happens anyway
    but i'll vote +1 for configurable chance to destroy an item, it's way too low :Nuke TNT:

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