Suggestion: MV/HV pulses only occur when recieving unit can accomodate a full pulse

  • My issue is that I have a power plant with an MFSU sending power downfield to several factories using HV cables, connecting to MV transformers and then LV transformers inside the factories.

    :MFS-Unit::Coal Chunk::Coal Chunk::Coal Chunk::MFE-Transmitter::LV-Transformer::Cable::Cable::Induction Furnace:

    These factories include several induction furnaces, which are redstoned to maintain their heat. The problem is that each furnace is consuming 1EU/t, which when requisitioned from the MFSU results in that miniscule amount of power being sent along the ~ 50 block HV cable network. Thus the 32 EU pulse from the LV transformer to the furnace is sent down the line and turns into a 72 EU pulse.

    If the MFSU only fed the MV transformer when it could handle the entire 512 EU pulse, that ~65% energy loss would turn into ~8%.

    The only solutions to this problem (that don't involve impractical amounts of fiber cable) I could think of are chaining LV transformers with copper wire, which is disappointingly ghetto and makes HV cable useless, or using MFEs in place of MV transformers and only turning on the power network when they're empty, which is expensive and inconvenient.

    If there's a solution that doesn't involve recoding the game, lemme know D:

  • No, they're not, and they're not full, either.
    The problem isn't that the MFSU is sending too much power and wasting it. It's that it's sending tiny amounts of power along an HV cable.

  • I had a similar energy loss issue caused by that a while ago.
    I hope this is implemented, as long as it doesn't affect devices with no internal storage.