[Suggestion] Bad input/output for Geothermal generators with BC/RP

  • So I guess it was one of the most recent updates that changes how machines work with BC/RP but it broke my autoreloader for my geothermal generators. As it is now you can only put and get things from the bottom slot of the generator from the bottom side, which doesn't sound so bad until you realize that you need to both put buckets in and remove the empty buckets.

    As such I would suggest that you would be able to access the bottom slot of the geothermal generator at the very least (not sure about other machines) from both the bottom and the sides.

    The other alternative would be to have an output slot in it that empty buckets go to once they've been emptied that can then be pulled from the sides.

  • If you are using Buildcraft then make a Lava-cell creator and shoot the cells into the Geo.. Those stack (4 tin makes 16 cells, so it is quite cheap)

  • I'd rather have a more sustainable and automatic system using buckets, Not to mention it would be a simple change to make it a simpler system. The old way i was doing it all i needed was deployer and filter near the tank and 1 filter at each generator.