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    The Geothermal Generators will show the have no lava but that is because it is currently using it. .It's like putting a piece of Coal/CHaroal into a Generator, it disappears but it still producing power.

    As for the water mills were you using Copper wiring or Tin? Because Copper would have reduced what you would get by quite a bit.

    Yup, this line right here is your problem "
    mod_BCIC2Crossover 1.28 for MC 1.2.5, BC 2.2.14, IC2 1.95b "
    Notice what version Buildcraft you downloaded it for

    It was removed a while back, initially the enchantment was an unintended/unwanted effect.
    Because honestly it would be OPed as all hell since getting an enchantment that doubles drops would be insane since a Diamond Drill never wears outs so there is never any loss unlike with a Normal Pickaxe.. and also instead of getting 2 ores you would be getting effectively 4 with macerating.

    Not bad of a build, though at peak efficiency (using glass cable and properly spacing batboxes to avoid losses) it should be using about 216 EU to power all those pumps and compressors if they don't have any over clockers.
    Not sure why people say this isn't doable in single player.. Might take a little to gather up the needed uranium but currently I could build one.

    If I wanted to be cheap I could cut out the pumps and use EE and use one of the rings to produce a snow covering and block breakers to feed the snowballs into compressors (But at peak that only saves about 74 EU so no big deal when you are pumping out around 2K)

    Either way good job :thumbup: :thumbup:

    I'd like to point two important areas in which this add-on is essential:

    1. Starting a new world: The basic wrench doesn't have a 'loss-less mode', and losing a machine early on stings a great deal more than doing so in the end simply because one doesn't have many resources to start out with.
    2. Convenience: The large energy loss associated with loss-less mode isn't that big a cost in the mid-late game, but an electric wrench only holds enough juice to do one removal, and a bat-pack has enough energy for barely six more; having to constantly recharge one' stuff until one has enough lapis for a lap-pack is more than reason enough to get this add-on.

    All in all Drashian, I'm glad you've been maintaining this add-on, and I hope that it continues to be updated in the future.

    Honestly never used this Add-on and I don't see a point for it now days, yes loosing a machine sucks early on but honestly why set down machines if you aren't planning on staying there? (Or at least do yourself a favor and think ahead a little in planning)

    As for 2.. Well like everyone has been saying if you can't afford to charge the thing then you must be doing something wrong not to have the power supply to move a few things, I can generally produce enough energy to fill a MFE after a few hours of playing (Depending on how good of world I get honestly.. cave systems seem to hate me lately)

    Only place a Thermoelectric generation really works well is in cold weather climates where there is a large difference between the heat source and the external air.

    This guy does a good job explaining what you are trying to get at but it honestly isn't that effective power wise, and RedPower already has this, and it is a poor power source (like think unmanned water mill with lava and Ice and it will melt the ice and turn the lava into obsidian from heating/cooling)

    Yup not sure why we have Tin cables but nothing to step it down to the ULV when most of the simplest generators produce more then the cable can handle (minus Wind, water and solar)
    I generally survive on Generators myself or a GeoGen (I get worlds with lots of lava it seems), and a step down to ULV would be usefol for keeping a constant power to say, a certain furnace that need 1 EU to stay at max heat or as our problem seems to run long lines of Luminators

    I prefer BC and it's pipes specially with his newest pipes coming into play, as for the person complaining about it being complex well... That is what keep things fresh and fun is how complex I ca n make my systems.
    RP2 doesn't hold much interest to me other then the cabling system that it started as (and the ability to hide it) The tubes are nothing special though the sorting system is a bit "stupid" and the Block-Breaker is a bit cheap to me personally since you can make a Cobblestone Generator very cheaply.

    Obviously the best efficiency would be at the top of the world, I don't use wind power person ally but if I remember for the best effect they should be about 5 spaces apart to keep peak power. I would suggest using LV cabling BUT till the next update Windmills can burn them out if they spike and get a full charge.

    Likely the best way to balance it is the simplest. It uses 5 diamond drills..... So now divide the time it would take a diamond drill to go through 9 blocks and divide it between those 5 used in the recipe and then add a small cut in time (and I do mean SMALL) so it is a better deal to use the tunneler and not just your diamond drill. :thumbup:

    Nice, not sure how much I'll use the new miner (I tend to strip mine) though the Wood Gasificator is going to be quite fun to have around since I tend to use lots of charcoal to power my generators (solars tend to be a backup power supply for me)
    Now when I make my charcoal I'll be working on a 2nd power supply too! *laughs manically*

    I think you mixed up your terms a bit or have never seen a fuel pellet.

    Fuel pellets are used for stoves, furnaces and the like but they are simply recycled wood dust that has been compressed.. Another way wood industry has found a use for all that sawdust the make from cutting and shaping their lumber. It doesn't burn any better or worse then a properly cured piece of wood does really and we have no loss in material when making wood so kinda of pointless.

    Interesting idea, but ya no fall out.
    But one thing I have never liked was the reactors blowing up.. In reality they don't explode.. They literally Melt and turn the floors into molten material and send radioactive dust and steam into the air as they burn into the ground (Good recent example Japan, older and not so well handled Chernobyl)

    Then again nukes also cause no real damage to the ground either, though it will scorch it and turn sand into glass near the blast where the heat melts it. WHile trees and the likes are incinerated or ripped from the ground......

    But hey this is minecraft we only get so realistic =p We have walking green crates of TNT chasing us after all :thumbup: