Suggestion: Nuke Recipe

  • so, I find that nukes are overly expensive, 5 :Uranium: for just 1 :Nuke TNT: ?

    suggestion: more refining, less resource input

    step 1: acquire uranium ore
    step 2: macecreate it (get... 2 uranium dust?)
    note: uranium dust would not be usable for fuel ingots
    step 3: mix uranium dust w/ gunpowder (3gunpower+1dust)
    step 4: acquire 2weapons-grade uranium
    step 5: mix 8 weapons-grade uranium w/ 1 UU matter
    step 6: acquire 8 explosive-uranium-units (EUU)
    step 7: place into empty cells
    step 8: compress
    step 9: use the EUU in place of gunpowder in regular TNT recipe.

    this process would do 2 things:
    1. make nukes cost more EU and less uranium ore
    2. reduce nuke griefing (cant just join a server, mine a bit, then blow it up, gotta hijack a lab first :P)

    note: I know theres a thread for a new nuke recipe allready, I got my idea from there, and I expanded a bit, by all means delete this thread.