problem with being able to post/make threads in other parts of the forum

  • if i go to this part of the forum, the button magically reappears. But if i go to another part, i dont see no button anywhere. same thing with Reply, and quote.

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    :Nuke TNT:
    you didnt notice theres a overcharged creeper behind you....
    and the remains of you and your house is gone....

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    minecraft would be horrible if these two mobs were added. the end.

    • Official Post

    Random guess: You're browsing locked forums/threads?

    Moderators/Admins can "lock" sections of the forum. Usually forums are locked if noone is meant to create threads in then. Threads become locked if a moderator consideres the discussion over / problem solved.
    In both cases most usual buttons for normal users disappear.