Posts about MC^2 home protection? NOT ENDORSING GRIEFING!!!

  • Wanted to start a thread on this for a while so here we go; tell us/post picks on you home defense systems, here's my example, no shots sorry, but it is a true story, had a false house above my real house (which is at bedrock level) on the surface, have a nuke wired into my fake house hooked next to a dynamite stick :Dynamite: that was hooked up to a dyno-mote :Dynamite Remote:, I was lost in a mineshaft and my friend sent me a screenshot on skype of him snooping through my false house that was marked private (just so everyone know this was a property defense allowed server). So I detonate my nuke and he starts screaming on Skype... I use my personal teleporter finaly to my main base, go up my piston hidden vertical latter shaft, took his MFSU that he had (WHO CARRIES AN MFSU WHILE STEALING?) and went downstairs again, he got back to my house and hit 2 of my landmines... He wasn't a happy camper...

    Thain (Havasushaun)
    :Uranium Ore: > :Uranium: > :Compressor: > :Uranium Ingot: >????=PROFIT :Nuke TNT:

  • Hahaha! Oh this is priceless.

    But seriously, who in their right mind would carry an MFSU with them while stealing?

    :Nuke TNT: -- 4 Uran

    :Dynamite: -- 1 TNT + 1 String

    Blowing up a friend and then taking an :MFS-Unit: that they had -- Priceless

  • Even better, he was OP/Server owner, and he couldn't find a rule that I broke, so he was kinda grouch for a few MC weeks...

    Thain (Havasushaun)
    :Uranium Ore: > :Uranium: > :Compressor: > :Uranium Ingot: >????=PROFIT :Nuke TNT:

  • Actually, a :Nuke TNT: is only 2 uran and 2 compressions. Well, 4 uran and 4 compressions and 5 sulfur for 2.


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