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    Muahahahhahahha, I just noticed this, probably already been brought up, but why does that box at the top of the page say that Industrial Craft2 is for Minecraft 1.0.0 BETA? Did they just forget to take the beta off?

    LOVE THIS MOD, except for one little problem... HUGE PROBLEM, auto miner using OV scanner and regular drill jumped ONTO my brick house and crashed the game rendering my house of tier 3 and 4 (fusion reactor) useless... Is there a possible way to simply make it re-jump if it hits a man made material? It may have dug through the brick into the wiring underneath it but I can't tell. Please PM me if you have a solution, as for some reason MCedit won't load IC2 worlds for me. :cursing: But THANK YOU for the mod, and i'm praying for the day SMP is available.

    In the very center, where the nuke was, where the reinforced stones 'touching' the nuke? From my tests if you leave a 3x3x3 cube of air with the nuke floating in the middle then these MANY layers of reinforced stone then it might actually reduce the blast radius, also, next time, try a sphere instead of a cube, as that is how the blast works. I also found out recently that a 4x4x4 cube of nukes will crash most servers...

    I have tried multiple times (as in multiple I mean DOZENS) to get IC^2 working with Zombe's Mod Pack, I really want to start combining the power of the build functions with making my survival/quest map, plus the fly mod is great for single player. If somebody could precompile a .minecraft with IC^2 installed and Zombe's Mod Pack installed and working it would be GREAT!!! In reward my latest source of fuel as of 1.23: :Bio Cell: :Bio Cell: :Bio Cell: :Bio Cell: :Bio Cell: :Bio Cell: :Bio Cell: :Bio Cell: :Bio Cell: BIO CELLS!!!

    Wanted to start a thread on this for a while so here we go; tell us/post picks on you home defense systems, here's my example, no shots sorry, but it is a true story, had a false house above my real house (which is at bedrock level) on the surface, have a nuke wired into my fake house hooked next to a dynamite stick :Dynamite: that was hooked up to a dyno-mote :Dynamite Remote:, I was lost in a mineshaft and my friend sent me a screenshot on skype of him snooping through my false house that was marked private (just so everyone know this was a property defense allowed server). So I detonate my nuke and he starts screaming on Skype... I use my personal teleporter finaly to my main base, go up my piston hidden vertical latter shaft, took his MFSU that he had (WHO CARRIES AN MFSU WHILE STEALING?) and went downstairs again, he got back to my house and hit 2 of my landmines... He wasn't a happy camper...

    Came back from MEPS in Phoenix today, i'm not a sworn Airman in the USAF, departure date in 360 days, going to be working as an Network Intelligence Analyst, pretty much working in a building with no windows snooping at everyone's internet usage.

    One problem I saw with your design, your farm collects over 64 reed, so I recommend more generators (don't say it's too expensive, cause I saw the :MFS-Unit:)
    Also, even for fun, you could have a couple of :Recycler: hooked up, too either start collecting for a mass fab or for making random items from scrap boxes. But I would have to agree with the previous poster, solar is the way to go, if you can afford an :MFS-Unit: then you can afford a 32 eu/tick system, only reason I use reed farms is for when I have equivalent exchange installed to get infinite coal :whistling:

    I'v suggested a Map Save area on the forums, no reply's though from anyone. Would simplify posts like this.

    And, if I'm not mistaken, LiLi also packages the installed distro with a portable version of VirtualBox to run it without affecting the host OS.

    TOTALLY forgot about that, (because I just use virutal box) yeah, with that enabled you can boot it within a Windows eviroment or boot straight from the Flash Media, hardest part about all of it is making sure your computer has USB boot enable, besides that best Linux to Flash Drive program i'v ever used

    It's no problem. I have, I think... at least five different USB's with a *nix distro on them. Usually for repair of my friend's computers.

    Great suggestion, I use LiLi myself, i'v done it manually before and it SUCKS, best part about LiLi is that it will even download them for you, then add in that it even makes a persistant, great great great, if you're wondering if a distro is good or not I can tell you my opinion on almost any of them that LiLi offers
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    Heading to MEPS for enlistment, i'm 6'2" and 148 pounds, I need to be at least 150 pounds for my height, anyone know any good ways to gain a few pounds in a few days? AND PLEASE DON'T GIVE ME A BUNCH OF FREAKIN: "Eat McDonalds, or eat lard" gets annoying fast.
    Thain (Havasushaun)

    Are you by any chance talking about Cubic Chunks?
    that mod will be awesome

    Cubic chunks? I did some rough estimates using the Missle SSP mod's Range Finder, then did some volume calculations of a sphere, since the only true way to do a test is underground.