mass fab drawing low power value

  • i have my mass fabricator hooked up to a mfsu that is also hooked up to 2 mv transformers and 2 full mfes the mfsu has 7 mil energy in reserve yet the mass fab is only drawing 78eu/t can anyone explain this?

  • Please be slightly more specific.

    How many of what kinds of cable are between your MFSUs and your mass fab? Are any MFSUs or the MVTFs redstoned?

    Your mass-fab can actually handle the 512eU/t output the MFSUs want to provide, but you can also use the MVTFs to limit it's input rate.

  • ok well its solars in the top of mfsu then from bottom of mfsu is glass fibre splitting 3 ways 1 path going straight into mass fab other 2 sides into mfes and as said before 7 mil in reserve -sidenote cable length is around 20 not sure exact count and forgot to mention no redstone at all - edit edit edit forgot also i did a power test on the middle wire splitting 3 ways 121 outputting out of its 512 potential 78 going to mass fab

  • ok i think i figured it out it seems when there is any drain at all on the mfes the output on the mass fab drops to 78 even when they only require smaller amounts

    so i want a central power system but is there a way to make my mfes only draw when they are depleted or a different resolution

  • I'm not sure if this would work. You'd need to experiment. First I'd suggest with MVTFs (I think it might work) as they're cheap, then with HVTFs.

    MVTF route:

    Use an MVTF to step down the power to 128. Unless you need fast-recharging MFEs you can just run the glass fibre directly to them from this* (presuming it's <39 you won't notice the difference aside from speed)

    Use another MVTF redstoned so that it will 'step up' the flow back to 512 before sending that off to the MassFab.

    HVTF route:

    Step up the input to HV; use any lossless length of HV cable (4x for 1 block should work) and then another HV TF to step back down. Run the outputs off different faces just to be sure (you might try it from a single face as well; I don't think it matters, but one less variable).

  • it seems swapping the mass fab to a mv transformer instead of direct line raised its output to 256eu solar array is only producing around 300eu atm so not going to experiment further at this point

  • Keep in mind that using an EC Meter on a wire will show its continuous current in EU/t, but on a transformer you'll only get an average because it stores the power until it has enough to send a packet of the proper size. You're not getting more power out of it - if the wire is supplying, say, 64 EU/t to the machine, it's supplying the same to the transformer (which then outputs only once every 4 ticks).

  • Actually using an EU meter on a /transformer/ can be misleading because you'll get the total for input AND output during that period. In reality the average would be about half of that. If you're happy with your massfab getting 128eU/t then that's fine. (It's what the wire should say you're getting)