[Suggestion]: Whip it good!

  • While Devo hats would be fun, I was pondering the idea of whips. Whips would have lower damage compared to their conventional counterparts, but would have one advantage: They can reach much further. There were two kinds I thought of:

    The basic whip.

    L-Leather, S-Stick, *-Nothing

    And Vibro-Whip! (This uses power, and can be powered on like the Nano Sabre.)

    *- :Alloy: -*


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  • The second sounds neat, but the first one doesnt look like it has any much use, cuz the most part you would have your :Chainsaw: and rape with it creepers down.
    2nd one: Sounds neat but, it is in some kind useless , basicly you could re-texture the nano saber? and youve got it :P.
    But still sounds neat, im about thinking of an blazer who gives of a lighting when hitting a NPC.
    Would be in some kind funny to see.

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