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    Good Day,
    My name is Unbr34k4bl3 and I'm hereby notifying you that your mod "Fastcraft" is being added to my private modpack.
    It's name is going to be Unbr34k4bl3's enhanced Expert Mode.
    It will be submitted on the FTB launcher for people to download and play directly.

    Thanks in advance, and if there's any problem with it please notify me.

    Friendly Regards Unbr34k4bl3

    Yup, me being one of them. Don't have anywhere near enough power for the lasers though. May have an actual use for all of this biofuel i've been making with forestry for something other than mass fab fodder. Like feeding it to a combustion engine set to power the lasers.

    I think we all are waiting for 3.x , and espacially 3.10, being stable! :33

    Why not just load the respective wikis .. ?

    It's ways faster, and uses less RAM and CPU from the handy, as having like 10 Tabs open.., also you can have all at once on your handy's (?sry if i misswrote something lol.) homescreen..
    That's atleast my opinion. ^^.

    Edit: Just saw that u made the calculator for the recipes ;p, could be something cool if implemented into that app.

    Just saw it recently, and started playing it, it's just making me sad, mostly cuz of the redstone engines. Also for the recipe for Diamond pipes. Personally -> i don't like it , i love how buildcraft is now, i think that's pretty ok now (also the 3.1 version is going to be completly awesome.. °-°).

    I've just got a "simple" idea, basicly it would be an android and an iOS App for the industrialcraft(rp and bc also maybe?) recipes and maceretors and this stuff. Just like a complete guide, just for your smartphone. (Would be awesome, cuz i hate having not my Recipe Guide, and searching it over my whole damn chest system, for just 1 recipe), Also (if possible) should it have like an recipe guide(just truly not with recipes), the difference is, that it will say you what you need for an item or machine to craft (eg. -> Macerator 3 Flint, 2 Cobble, 1 Machine Block, 1 Integrated Circuit), i think this would be pretty awesome, and also as written above, some support for other mods, in this case -> buildcraft, redpower and so on.)
    What you think about that? :P
    Also i'm sorry for my bad english.

    mhm i think it is a little bit to easy
    I never use armor so its a bit harder for me, but on the other side ... i played neraly the whole super hostile map series so i think im now somewhat of mobproof :D

    Hmm just was thinking over an special Hardcore mode -> HARDcore. There will be Ghasts and Fireblazes in the overworld, spawning and having an 80% chance to hit you ^^
    Stil, it's an idea, and hardcore mode is (ways) too easy.

    Off-Topic(?) Edit: Hab auch grade gesehen dass'n Deutscher bist, aufjeden fall nochn gutes neu's ;p.

    Hmm i would say, start watching Let's Play's and reading the Wiki alongside. And just Play.

    Also a little tip of mine. Don't sit on the peaceful mode. start trying atleast the easy one. :)

    Also if you want to get information about IC2 and RP and all these mods. -> Let's Play's <- (espacially Direwolf20's :PP)

    Actually i just startet playing Minecraft on Hardcore Mode with those mods. It actually seems to be really easy O_o?

    I don't know how you see it, but how you guys think, is the Hardcore Mode too easy or is it "balanced"??


    Looks like it's done. Forge-compatible and everything. Let's see how the Aether does now.

    Edit: Looks like it doesn't require Forge, but they have it set up so that the Aether runs nicely alongside Forge.

    Only Question: Does it work with ic2, EE, bc and this stuff (ID's..)

    Could be a big problem.., but stil i would love using it ;D.(Just won't install it atm. too lazy for installing it. <.<).

    Age: 15
    Speak English: Yesh, also i can speak German, Albanian, and the basic of French xDD.
    How long you have been playing Minecraft: Since 0.30 or 0.23 don't really know which one of these 2
    How confident you are with industrial craft etc: Very confident, I know the most recipes, not all but the most ^^.

    Also , i wanted to know if it is possible to add Forestry? :P, and the IC2BC Crossover (if it is smp, i honestly forgott if it is or not sry lul.)

    If needed Skype or something , ask for it im not afraid of givin' it away ^^.
    Last: need to say, I can write english very well, but i have some problems speaking it ^^.

    Greetings Unbr34k'.

    Please first of all do not delete this topic, if so, please give me the reason for deleting it -.- .

    Next: As you might have seen in the title, I'm searching an server , i honestly do not care if it is 1.0 (without ic then..) or 1.8.1, i just want to play SMP and not all the freakin time over in SSP.

    Info about me: A young idiot who searches a neat (i don't care if it is a small or a big) server.
    IGN: UNBR34K4BL3
    Age: 15
    Playing Minecraft since: As of the version 0.23 and 0.30
    Something i can show: Atm , not really, i just started a few days ago on 1.8.1, a new MAP, i just nuked my other MAP of being bored and forgott to do a backup..
    Do I know all those mods: Yes I do, i have the most recipies in my head, i just don't have everything in my head, but the most. (Nuklear stuff is my point where i need to watch at the recipe guide), I also have some knowledge about EE, but i honestly don't like it anymore..(most of the part that it is overpowered, also it isn't smp yet, so well..)

    If you need more Information about me, just ask.

    IC2 has its own built in audio manager, and all the sound files are stored in the jar that you download containing IC, thus you can just replace those with the ones you want...

    I know about that but i was searching a "Texture Pack" just not for textures, more for the sounds ^^.

    The cool thing is, it could go one step further. With AudioMod, additional custom sounds could be added.
    Take a look at Equivalent Exchange for an example.
    The nice thing is, AudioMod would not be a requirement or dependency for IC2 users, it would just enhance the sounds for those who do choose to use it.

    Yesh, EE as an example has Audiomod recommen , what means if you want you can install it, but you don't really need to, also IC2 (sh shown above), has his own built-in audio-manager, what simply means -> delete old sounds, take new sounds, place them in there. ^^
    Also i could do this, but i need to find good sounds to do so.

    But still thx anyways^^.

    Well, i just was wondering if there are soundPack's for it (like texture pack, just with sounds..) For Example -> :Macerator: Having a slightly louder crush sound.., or the Elec.-/Induct. Furnaces having a similar sound to the basic generator. Something like this.

    Also if there isn't any just let it me know :P.

    Addonidea: Auto-treetapers

    Desribtion: The addon would consist of a machine that we would put next to a resin hole and it would harvest the resin automaticaly but it would have to be powered by EU.

    Hope somone makes it. :thumbup: :thumbup:

    Take a fully charged Electric Tree Tap (from the Addon) and take a Deployer (RP2) and there you go..
    (If some1 alrdy posted this you can delete it or if it isn't working..)

    Well after Al posted at my suggestion/idea that I should move it to here i did it.

    First: this is a WIP Idea/Suggestion (however you want to call it..)
    Also, if some1 want's to code it PM me and we could talk about it. And Al -> please don't take it as a Suggestion for the official IC2, you know you won't do it ;D.

    Basicly i had a pretty darn crazy (obviously..) idea about the fourth and fifth tier of energy (all above 512 EU/t or 2048EU/t).
    I had an idea about making Anti-Matter who basicly could make running a complete new Machine who makes about 2024 EU/t for an special New Matter called: Prime Matter. Prime Matter is like UU-Matter, but this will give you even more and also WAYS more compatiblities (in my mind atm Dark Matter from EE and this stuff), or just for deco (block who should give out a blue light (this would mean that the light rendereing and this will need to be edited.(Probably a New Mod who also make additions to other mods like BC Railcraft and so on).

    Also could be running with that (battery-like) a Mass Fab. just basicly the Prime acts like a battery who actually looses then damage and basicly get's uses up like scrap (and also give it a 100% boost)

    Basic Idea is pretty easy to understand.. now for the hack of it the (for 80%) complete idea where i atm have in my mind: (also some kinds of ot are above xD)

    Ok, we start of, of having like a constantly reactor output -> 1024 EU/t right? So if we have this we could make an Special Machine that could take 2 reactors for working at the most perfect state..this means: a Machine produces with like 30 MILLION EU[Name: Proton Fabricator] (in a constant rate of 1024 EU/t or higher.., just needs to be 100% constant) and takes a whole f*cking load of time to produce Ultra Protons (name for it just atm...). Also if it would get unstable, you would create basicly an black hole (more information underneath)
    Now let's say we have those Ultra Protons and we get them in a basic standing state.. we need to have a machine right beside of the ProAcc. we need to have them standing basicly in a state where those don't conflict with normal matter.. and need to "can" them with the Proton-"Canner" -truly i need better names..-, after we "canned" them we could take them in our bag and transfer them to an other device that needs some special pipe-ings to basicly accelerator those protons even more, and make the final anti-matter.
    (whoever have better names please post them...)
    After all of this we'll need the anti-matter-worker, who basicly takes this anti-matter and produces in a rate of 4096 EU/t an tier 5 of energy who could accept just one machine: energy absorber.
    The energy absorber basicly takes those 4k EU/t and makes every minute 1 UUM (and takes UUM like the Mass Fab is taking scrap and produce Prime Matter, or with whole loads of stacks of scrap, every second.. (for it to work it should take scrap in a ridiculous amount, for some balancing porpuses..and giving another machine more work).

    New: I got the idea of an easy machine, basicly a Recycler MK2, who basicly produces with an 50/50 (every second or third..) chance to produce scrap and with about 60% faster operating speed as the normal one.
    New: Also i've got the Idea of an Oil fabricator KINDA like the 1 from Pwer Crystal but.., basicly when it get's more EU it will make more oil per UUM it takes. Like an MK2 version of the Crossover thingy one (sry forgott the namy and i'm actually too lazy to search for it xDD)

    That's just an idea, and it should be in some kind pretty complex , atm. it sounds kind of easy but in the end we will need a whole bullshit amount of energy and material's to get everything perfectly working, without making a black hole who would take the complete world, and let it stand "Congratulations, you created a block hole." Points: Infinite and the button just says "Delete world".
    And this should be it.., if you have any questions about this, take your time and leave a comment..

    Also I need to say. No I can't code, that's why i made this addon suggestion.

    Edit: Just also was thinking of an Piping system for those Protons to get fully accelerated (like the one in (Switzerland)Geneve (yes this is french, i don't have actually the english 1 in my mind but you get the point...)
    Edit: YES, this needs alot more of balancing everything, still it's an WIP-Addon-Idea xD.
    Edit: Also got an Idea -> that we need some kind of Proton-"cans" who are a bit kind of expensive to make.., we'll need them to "can" Protons, and also as a Battery-like thing with 10 Million storage.., also we would have then a 1 milliard (10^9, sry for my bad english..) or for you an 1 billion-Storage device aka. the Matter-Storage-Unit (MSU).

    If some1 want's to discusse abt this in skype or something, write me a ->PM <-, and i'll try to explain you or discuss abt you over this complete Idea (needs a good amount of time , so yeah, plan it good if you want to discusse..)

    Greetings: Unbr34k4bl3

    I was thinking of making charcoal farm for diamonds, but then i'd still need other material, but doing all of this without EE might be really harder, and probably more fun :D
    Anyone have some opinion on NOT using Equivalent Exchange?

    In my opinion is EE just for fun and not so that you really could use it as a Industrial-ish mod Like BC, IC or even Railcraft. Mostly it's ok having fun with, but not getting super large machineries (sry if i mispoke it O_o..). But that's just my opinion..

    I didn't even finish reading your proposal... There where a number of reasons as to why:

    • It's 2048 EU, not 2024...
    • More tiers are not interesting anyways.
    • Learn to format a post. Divide it into relevant sections instead of simply making a brain dump.

    1. Im just a normal person who can make some mistakes.
    2. If there arn't for you, you don't really need to look into it..
    3. Honestly, I'm not much on a forum, cuz the most arn't really interesting for me. Due to the posts/threads who are in there. Also im not english or american, so i pretty much learned english for myself.