Shablo5's MC Server (Offline Mode, No Whitelist, BUKKIT) BC/IC2/RP2/Forestry


    Craftbukkit #1597

    IndustrialCraft 1.43
    Buildcraft 2.2.11
    Redpower Prerelease 4C
    Power converters 1.3


    Max Slots: 30 (I can hold more, just choose not to)
    AMD Bulldozer 8150 8 core processor 3.5Ghz
    Memory: 6GB ECC DDR3 RAM 1333MHz
    100 MBPS Connection, out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida


    IP: Shablo5.MCPROHOSTING.Com:25603

    Online mode & Whitelist may be added in the future.

    MOD PACKAGE (Unzip/Extract, Drop into mods folder, DELETE ALL OLD CONFIGS):

    Portable MC download (No installation really):

    Links To Mods:

    Buildcraft 2.2.11

    Forestry v1.2.6.1 (YOU NEED TO CLICK OLDER VERSIONS AND FIND IT!)…aft-tree-farms-automated/

    RedPower Pr4c



    Minecraft Forge…4000-api-minecraft-forge/

  • I will be updating the server to 1.0.0 craftbukkit (#1597) along side these mods:

    Industrialcraft 1.42
    Buildcraft 2.2.8
    Forestry (Not the newest version, I will link to this directly if I can, if not, I won't include it).
    Mod Loader MP 1.0.1
    Minecraft Forge 1.2.2
    RedPower2 Pr4
    zAdditional Pipesrev 31.1 (IF THIS WORKS)

    I am open to more mod ideas, and considering Flans Plane mod, but that's just consideration.

    Sorry for no updates on the server about 1.0 and such, I AM Looking for people interested in being Ops on this server. Anywho, server will be up and running later today, with all the above changes, so stay tuned. I will also compile all the mods required (Clientside, and also the config file I hear I need to setup) into the original post AND This one, so stay tuned. I will not include a preconfigured jar, unless people ask for it.

    Thank you,

  • I would like to help you in the op thing but I am confused now on which versions I need to install, already tried a lot of them but still not working...

  • I have decided to use:

    Buildcraft 2.2.8
    Industrial craft 1.43
    Redpower Prerelease 4b


    For a group of the mods you need to stick in your mods folder, please download them from here:

    Please remember that you MUST install Minecraft Forge, Modloader, and ModloaderMP. You may get those from the same thread you get IndustrialCraft 2.

    Still looking for moderators/ops. I do not support cheating or /give items. DO not do that if you want to be an op.

  • Since He didn't write this I thought I should
    1.No Griefing
    2.No XRay like mod_xray v1.2 .... Did u really think we will miss that on the console?
    3.Nukes ITNT And Dynamite is not allowed
    4.Dont discriminate cracked players for their financial difficulties
    5.No Stalking People
    6.Don't try to kill people example:Light them on fire
    7.No Stealing we are watching
    8.No Asking for items to be spawned because you can't fork out the time to craft them.
    9.Read The Rules
    10.Mutual Respect , Respect others and they will respect you
    11.Read The Rules.
    12.No Offensive Buildings
    13.Moderators/Admins are allowed to ban if they find a acceptable reason to do so.

    Shablo if there's any rule u need changed contact me tomorrow

  • Server stability has really improved, fixed LWC and switched from AuthMe to xAuth. And have a really great late night crew playing, I love it. Keep it up guys.

  • Updates sometime tonight/tomorrow. Will most likely include power converters, additional pipes, advanced machines, and new Forestry/BC(Maybe) and a few others. We shall see.

  • This seems to be an interesting server. I have tried to join and keep crashing; however, I do not crash on single player. The screen closes before I can even see the error so I am not sure what is conflicting.

  • Hello I am new to your server, though, I know how to build cool things, I love the mods you added, they are actually some of my favorite mods out there. I would like to be a Moderator, because, I can help out a lot. Anything you ask me to build for the server, I will build. I can make anything that is in redstone, or, anything referring to these mods on the server. I hope I get to be able to help out the server as an Moderator, or, Admin someday. Have a good day.

  • Hey Shablo, it seems that you recently added a whilelist to your server. Would you be kind enough to add me to that list, as I was on before? Thanks.

    Normally, my rule is dont ask to be a mod, if an admin thinks that you have earned it then it would be offered; however, since you are asking for them, I would like to take this time to inform you of my interest. I have been a mod on another server before it lost funding, I hate the idea of spawning random items without cause, and I was playing at times when other mods were off. Thank you for you consideration.

    btw I hope you are feeling better.

  • Could you please:
    a) Add me (HAL9000) and my friend (rmv) to the whitelist? If you want more information, please specify :)
    b) Make the old map available (via portal or /world) to recover valuables, or copy houses to the new map. I had nearly 3 double chests full of ores and dusts prior to the map wipe ;(

  • Add me WhiteList Please


    Add my friend:Chris


    Shablo u dont are reading theses posts how you want to make a white-list server if you dont add peoples to the White-list